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God Always Has Things In Focus

By Peter P. Macinta

In October 2009 it was sort of a shock to me to hear that two Northwest Airlines pilots overshot their destination, Minneapolis, by 150 miles. Initial news reports indicated that one of the pilots involved said they were arguing over company policy. A later news report said the pilots told safety investigators they were using their laptops to work out crew schedules. Federal authorities said during this time air traffic controllers and their airline's dispatchers tried in vain to reach them.

In anyway that one can look at this, fact is this was a serious error. These men were not riding bicycles or pulling a wagon. This jet had well over 100 people on board and no doubt it had been flying over well populated areas.

Another thing about this situation is that it has cast negative thoughts in the minds of many people about air travel, despite the fact the overwhelming majority of pilots are very courteous, professional and safety minded.

Nevertheless, in this case it boils down to human error. Even humans with the best intentions still make honest mistakes in air or on land or water. Personally one of my concerns while driving long distances is falling asleep. There have been times I had to pull over and go jog a bit, then resume driving.

We humans are definitely not like God in this respect. The Holy Bible records about God in Psalm 121:4, "Behold, He that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep." And, as we read Psalm 139, we see that God is not distracted, that His focus is always lovingly upon us. Colossians further points out that by Him all things consist, are held together.

This is all certainly something to thank God for, even when things are not going too well for us. God is still in control even when there is great calamity in the world. Some humans might point a finger at God saying He is not at the controls. However, those that lay such a charge at God really do not understand His plans for mankind, especially Israel.

What we simply, yes simply, need to do is fully trust Him, no matter what. In order to have that trust, one needs to be completely committed to Jesus Christ by faith. Trust God, and not man. God will not lose His focus upon you. We need to get, and keep, our focus on Him.

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