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Brother Ott’s Honest Prayer

By Peter P. Macinta

Please do not misunderstand that title. I’m sure my ancient history professor, brother Robert Ott, who went to be with the Lord in May 2010 always prayed honestly.

I just wrote that title in that way to encourage each one of us to be honest before God when we pray. It’s not that He does not know everything, for He is certainly omniscient. He knows what we are going to pray before we pray, and knows the attitude of heart. It is really foolish to fake our emotions before God. He cannot be fooled.

As noted, brother Ott taught ancient history at Northeast Bible Institute (NBI). History might interest some, but many, sad to say, find it uninteresting. That was my feeling towards history when I was younger.

Classes always began with prayer at NBI. One day as brother Ott was praying at the start of class he said something like, “Oh, Lord, you know some do not like ancient history...,” and continued by asking God to help each student to learn. I’m sure he purposely prayed that way so that we, too, would be honest before the Lord. Aspects of ancient history had to be learned since this would enhance our knowledge of what is recorded in the Holy Bible. Human emotion should not stand in the way of one becoming a polished tool in the hands of God.

If you are committed to Christ, you know there are times emotions get in the way of doing the will of God. Be honest before God and reverentially tell Him how you feel. Then take the step of asking Him to change your mind and help you receive His grace to follow through.

For example, I had to do this in my earlier years in Christ in regard to reading the Old Testament. I told God when I tried reading it, it seemed quite boring. But then I went a step further and asked Him to help me enjoy it.

We see in Psalm 17:1 that David practiced honesty before the Lord in prayer: “Hear the right, O LORD, attend unto my cry, give ear unto my prayer, that goeth not out of feigned lips.”

Feel free to reverentially express yourself to God. However, be ready to accept the grace He gives for you to do His will.

If you have never made a commitment to Christ, among many other things we need to be honest about before the Lord is that we are sinners and are in need of Him. Please have an honest talk with the Lord and let Him work in you.

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