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B-Complex Blessing

I was definitely a nervous and depressed person before I came to personally know the Lord Jesus Christ at the age of 17. When I committed my life to Christ on January 25, 1970, I felt a peace and healing come to my mind.

As we read the whole of the Holy Bible, we will see that even though one might commit to Christ, the soul and body at times will present a conflict, especially with those whose walk in the Lord is young.

Until I met Dorcas, I would take a once-a-day vitamin pill. She took partially natural supplements. As I stated on a previous page, I tried those supplements and they worked for me -- especially when I took a B-Complex supplement. I sensed an additional calming and controlling, and my bouts of nervousness and depression lessened.

As I did research on the topic, I saw that the B-Complex was very helpful for nerves and various types of depression. In particular, B-12 was indicated as a substantial help.

Again, as previously stated, we were introduced to Shaklee in the late 1970's, and an innocent experiment convinced me Shaklee had the superior product.

After purchasing some Shaklee food supplements, I began trying their B-Complex. I still had some B-Complex supplements left from the other brand, but I wanted to immediately try Shaklee's. Once I did take the Shaklee B-Complex, there was a more profound calming affect on my nervousness.

Shaklee B-Complex

After taking the Shaklee B-Complex for about a week, I thought I might go back to the other brand to finish off the bottle. When I went back, my nervousness increased. I soon returned to the Shaklee B-Complex, completely convinced it was the best.

As a pastor, I have strongly recommended to those who suffer from any form of mental depression that they should take a B-Complex supplement and, of course, I highly recommend Shaklee B-Complex<.

However, I would highly recommend Shaklee B-Complex to everyone.

Another thing you may wish to consider is the fact we need other vitamins too, along with other things, to live healthy. With that in mind, please also consider Shaklee Vitalizer.

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