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Everything we do and experience is processed through the mind, so it should be no wonder to us that satan1, the influences of the unregenerate world, and our own sin nature team up to keep us from God.

Almost since the beginning of my ministry, I have been blessed in serving those who are mentally afflicted in some way. And when it comes to mental illness, permit me to say this: Compared to Jesus Christ, we are mentally ill to some degree or another. Personally, both my mother and I had suffered from major depression, and I suspect I had grandiose depression in my teenage years.

I fully believe that Jesus Christ is the ultimate cure and I would also say that we must take care of the body He has given to us, which includes our mind.

The following is a list of pages that have written in regard to various needs of the human mind:

Demons: Real, Ravaging, and What You Can Do About Them -- NOTE: I am not saying that all mentally ill people are possessed, but the information here will help you to know how to pray.

Do You Feel Ugly and Worthless? -- Let God give you godly self-esteem.

Know of Someone Who is Considering Suicide?

Overcome Depression -- This four part series has helped hundreds of people throughout the world.

Prayers That God Hears -- Some prayers are unanswered, including those for healing, for these reasons.

Suicide Prevention -- Feel like killing yourself? Please read this.

The Forgiveness Factor -- Sometimes mental problems are in part due to the need for forgiveness.

Here are just some items I would like to tell you about that has helped me with major depression:

B - Complex

Energizing Soy

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1For personal reasons, I avoid capitalizing "satan" when possible. The exception is when i am writing for young people and children in an educational setting.

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