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The King is in Charge

By Pete Macinta

Whether it is one's own personal world or the whole world itself, there are times that things seem to be very unstable, very shaky. During the time when this GemLight was released, just in the United States, Galveston, Texas was devastated by Hurricane Ike, some major financial institutions crashed, the stock market was down, and a well known singer of Christian music unapologetically announced he was enjoying a life of sin. With all of that, I was not much in tune with international news but I am sure there were numerous woes around the globe.

In the personal realm, I am sure there would be millions of individuals around the world facing some type of dire crisis or situation.

Some might be tempted to think, if there is a God He needs to be in more control of things. I know I might have thought that before committing to Christ in 1970. There is that tendency in some to blame God or cast upon Him the human frailty of irresponsibility.

But when one actually comes to personally know God through Christ, they soon realize He is very much in charge.

By the Holy Spirit, Paul writes in 1 Timothy 1:17, “Now unto the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only wise God, be honor and glory for ever and ever. Amen.”

Here, we see God is the eternal King. The other night I read where Clement of Rome referred to God as the King of the universe. While the epistle of Clement is not considered part of the Holy Bible, what Clement wrote coincides with what the Word of God says in Colossians.

So, if He is King, why doesn't He do something? The answer to that is He has done something and it is up to mankind to accept His solution. That, of course, was the fact that He veiled Himself with our flesh, lived, died and rose for us. But we see from John 1 that the majority of both the Jews and the rest of the world rejected the Messiah (Christ). That does not mean that God will not correct all things. He most certainly will, but in its proper time.

In the meantime, He invites all to come under His dominion. He has indicated that the only way to do that is to truly commit to Christ. When one does that, they realize that God is truly in charge and will correct all things at the proper time. Those that make Him their King find great assurance in trusting in their Sovereign.

How about you? Have you made Him King in your life?

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