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We Need The Blessing, not a Bailout

By Pete Macinta

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As this Bible GemLight was being produced, the United States Congress was preparing for a second time to try develop a bailout plan for troubled banks with the hopes of avoiding a severe economic crash in the nation.

While the economic situation is frightful for many in the United States, there is something that really should be frightening – misplaced trust.

Whether it is our elected or appointed officials, banking management, bank customers or just the average citizen, too few are looking for the solution in the correct place.

In the Word of God we see that after Israel, due to sin, was divided into two kingdoms, the one termed Judah and other Israel, that the northern kingdom, Israel, quickly embraced the sinful ways of the people they were suppose to conquer.

After one loving disciplinary action by God, and another, there came a point where the Syrian army had besieged Samaria. Famine prevailed in Samaria during this siege, and it was so severe, two mothers made an agreement to kill their child, cook each, and eat each. However, after the one lady followed through with the agreement, the other one backed out.

The lady that followed through went to ask the king for help. He replied (2 Kings 6:27), If the LORD do not help thee, whence shall I help thee? out of the barnfloor, or out of the winepress?

He then asked what her problem was, and heard the hideously sad story. Immediately he grabbed hold of his royal garments and ripped them (a sign of deep grief) and all saw that he was wearing sackcloth underneath (a sign of deep grief and, in some cases, repentance).

In regard to those two women, thank God it has not gotten that bad in this country. However, it is the earnest prayer of many that there would be a spirit of contriteness, repentance, and complete trust in God through Christ in hearts throughout this nation.

Israel at that time had a series of very wicked kings. At least this one king came to his senses to realize his need of God and his need to fully trust God.

During this fragile time in our nation we pray that hearts will soften, that we would trust God, not money. There is a great need in our nation for all to quit relying upon their government, and fully rely upon God. Neither the President, Congress, or the Supreme Court is God, but they are all mere men who need to fully depend upon God.

The banking industry would not be in this mess today If they would have completely follow Biblical principles. The same holds true for their customers.

We need to look to the King Eternal, and not to Congress. We do not need a bailout, but His blessing that comes when we truly make God our King.

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