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Whoever Wins, God is in Charge

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This Bible GemLight was produced three or four days prior to the 2008 Presidential Election in the United States. Because of a prior commitment, I will not be able to publish it on on its usual release day of Tuesday. Instead, Lord willing it will be uploaded on Monday.

So I am writing this, having no idea who is going to win the election. I know that the person I want is behind in the polls, but polls have been wrong before. Aside from that, what will really speak is the election on November 4.

At the moment, a “President Obama” is frightful to some, while a “President McCain” is equally frightful to others.

While I, of course, have my preference, regardless of who wins, I will rejoice. I will be rejoicing in the fact that God is on His throne. I, along with others, know that God has a specific plan for mankind, and so we will view the results of this election as part of the path that leads us to prophetic times.

And while we speak of prophecy, we know our Lord Himself indicated there will be troubled times in the last days of this age, and this warning was echoed by the Holy Spirit through the Apostle Paul through some of his epistles.

Only God knows what the next United States President will do, along with Congress and the Supreme Court, over the next four years. We sure do not know.

But one thing we can know, and fully rely upon is (Ps 47:7a), “...God is the King of all the earth:...” This is true even as the majority of humans do not make Him their personal King. His power and authority is supreme. We are just permitted to do certain things to a point.

I imagine that in 1943 there were many who felt that Adolf Hitler would certainly remove all Jews from the face of the earth. Hitler is gone, and Israel was birthed again in 1948. Hitler only got so far.

Whoever is the next President of the United States, it is still the same: either man has faults, as do their running mates. God has no faults, and He reigns.

Either man can die in office – God still lives.

And though this country falls further into an abyss of sin, God remains faithful and pure. And even if my country, God forbid, is destroyed or conquered, God's kingdom shall come whether I live here in the flesh or be with my Lord in my spirit. His kingdom shall come, the knowledge of the Lord shall fill the earth, and there shall be peace in the world.

That is why I can rejoice, as the balance of verse seven states, “sing ye praises with understanding.”

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