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Snow Shoveling Lesson - 1

By Pete Macinta

I should have known better than to shovel the snow off of our sidewalk. Just a few hours after an early March snowstorm I grabbed a shovel and began clearing our driveway, since Dorcas had to leave for work that evening. Once the driveway was finished, I foolishly commenced work on the sidewalk, then our neighbor's sidewalk.

I say "foolishly" because we live along a state snow emergency route, so the Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA) makes sure the road stays clear. And they do their job quite well, at least where I live. Nonetheless, I completely forgot the SHA makes a number of passes along the road long after a storm.

So, I forgot and shoveled away, occasionally resting until both our sidewalk and our neighbor's sidewalk, along with a path to her house, was cleared. Quite pleased with the job, I returned inside.

However, a few hours later when I went back out, the sidewalk was covered because the state plow had been by again.

So I shoveled again late that afternoon. The next morning revealed the sidewalk was again covered, but this time it was worse. Large chunks of snow that hardened overnight were now included in the new project.

I looked at the road and it was very clear. So I deduced it was safe to again clear the walks. This time I was correct. The plows stopped coming.

So I cleared a path, but it was smaller this time because the snow had become quite heavy and some of the chunks were overwhelming. The path I made was crude, but decent enough for foot traffic.

The temperature rose and the sun shone as the day went on and, of course, the snow began to melt and that crude path started looking better.

Then the thought came to me of how so often we try to correct things in life in our own way and often what we have done becomes undone. However, when we let God's Son work in situations, things clear up, and much better than had we done ourselves.

Of course, the key is to let Christ work things out. As it is written in Romans 8:28--"And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose."

As you see, all things work together for good for them that love God and are called to His purpose. In other words, those that are committed to Jesus Christ.

There is great blessing in making Christ King in our life. Though things get messy, if we yield to the leading of His Holy Spirit, gradually, but surely, things will clear up, and much better than if we had done it alone. Enjoy the natural sun. Rejoice in the Eternal Son.

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