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The True Faith of Peace

By Peter P. Macinta

Just a few days ago I was going back and forth in conversation with some Muslims on a social network platform. One of my Islamic friends posted a video of a convert to Islam. This convert had belonged to one of the better known religions many people automatically consider to be Christian. However, like many groups that call themselves Christian, this man had converted from a ritualistic belief system and simply accepted another ritualistic belief system.

My first thought, though, when I saw that the video was posted was that I know of videos of Muslims who converted to Christianity, but I sure would not post the video out of fear that some Muslims would attempt to track down the converts and kill them.

I am not picking on Islam, for some Hindus can be just as nasty, but think about it. No death threats are made on a convert from “Christianity” to Islam, even by nominal Christians. However, all one has to do is visit and occasionally an account will be posted where a Muslim converts to Christianity and then is tortured, drugged, imprisoned, harmed, banished or killed. Burn a Bible and not much happens. Just publicly threaten to burn a Koran and you face repercussion.

My Muslim friend told me to go ahead and post the video--just make sure there was nothing insulting. Well, it is hard to know what is not insulting to a Muslim, especially when just a few years ago a British teacher in a Muslim country was almost killed over the innocent naming of a Teddy bear when a child with good intentions wanted to call it Mohammed. Much of that Islamic country raised a murderous cry over that simple act.

Unlike some of those who call upon Allah and claim Mohammed as their prophet, true Christians do not threaten violence, riot in the streets, or even raise their voices in murderous anger when a Muslim states the Holy Bible is corrupted and Christ is not the Son of God. We have no need to react in such a way because we personally know the Truth, Christ, the Son of the Living God. We know very well that no matter how many Muslims there are, Christ will return, rule and reign.

We are at peace because we are meek, knowing we have no strength in our own being, but only in Christ. We are the true faith of peace and the people of peace because of promises like this (Psalm 37:11): “But the meek shall inherit the earth; and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace.”

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