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By Peter P. Macinta

Defined in part by Webster’s Dictionary as “assured reliance on the character, ability and strength, or truth of someone or something,” in our time it is hard for many to know what or whom to trust.

This really should be no surprise if one is somewhat familiar with the Holy Bible. Throughout His written Word we see cautions and warnings about trusting anything earthly, whether it be a fellow human, government, animals or inanimate things.

So he who is wise has limited trust of things and people. I found an inexpensive office chair a few months ago that helps (with modifications) my back and lessens irritation to my sciatic nerve. Though each day I have an amount of trust where I can use it as a seat to work, I fully realize that one day it might be useless, even harmful.

Regarding humans, sure there are people we can depend upon, but even then all are prone to sickness and death. Every human has limitations.

Common sense and the Word of God indicate that the best place to put our full trust is in God. At one point, God expressed to humans a part of His nature by stating that His Name was Yahweh. That name appears as Jehovah in some old King James Bibles. There is really no J sound in Hebrew, and we really have no idea what vowels to place in between the consonants. Regardless, we do surmise that the Name to a degree means “the self-existing One.”

God had nothing or no one to get Him started because He always was and always will be. This is where common sense kicks in. While some of us might be pretty good, we are not perfect so it is reasonable to place our complete trust in God.

Psalm 125:1 exhorts us by saying, “They that trust in the LORD shall be as mount Zion, which cannot be removed, but abideth for ever.” Placing our full trust in God through Christ gives us assurance of eternal blessings though the world around us crumbles. Even when our own bodies start to crumble, we can have this assurance in Him provided that we continue to trust in Him.

True trust in God begins when we submit and surrender ourselves and all that we have to Christ. If you have not made such a commitment to Him, I encourage you to do so. For those that have, let us determine to press on and finish the race set before us.

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