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The Blessing of His Warmth

By Pete Macinta

As winter sets in for the Northern Hemisphere many of its inhabitants are concerned about staying warm and paying for it.

For myself, just about every day I check the market price of crude oil, hoping and praying that futures would again plunge below fifty dollars a barrel – and stay there. I also check a local oil company online in the hopes that the sale price of heating oil drops lower.

I also realize if things are tight for us, how about some senior citizens and those who recently lost their jobs?

Regardless, those living far enough past the equator seek warmth in their colder months and rejoice when they get it. And what is true in the natural has its parallel in the spiritual.

While this time of the year can be very cold in regard to temperature, it can very cold in regard to the spiritual. Layoffs, unfulfilled expectations from family and friends, negative news reports and other matters can really hurt one's inner spirit.

Nonetheless, if we turn our eyes upon our Creator, spiritual coldness, no matter what time of the year it occurs, can dissipate and be replaced by the warmth of the Savior's love.

Though the days grow shorter and get colder, I have to think of the promise found in Revelation 22:23, “And the city had no need of the sun, neither of the moon, to shine in it: for the glory of God did lighten it, and the Lamb is the light thereof.”

That verse is just a small description of the New Jerusalem which will come down upon the earth some time in the distant future. It is a very amazing place indeed. We cannot buy or rent it. We have to inherit it.

As we search the Holy Scriptures, the only way to do that is to make Christ, the Messiah, our personal King in all reality. In other words, we have to forsake all our personal plans, preferences, priorities and more, and by faith let Jesus Christ have complete charge of our life.

Doing so will bring the follow rays of warmth from the Son into our lives: His love, mercy, forgiveness, care, strength and more.

The world can indeed be cold physically, spiritually and emotionally. But, if we let Him, Christ can bring the warmth of His kingdom into our lives. That is just a little taste of heaven.

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