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So, I Felt Safe To Unlock My Door

By Peter P. Macinta

Just this past Sunday, Dorcas and I were heading to the place where our church meets on Sundays. We live, and predominately minister in, Cambridge, Maryland. It is a town of just over 10,000.

Sad to say, as iniquity has increased across the world as prophesied by our Lord Jesus Christ, it has also increased in Cambridge, so much so that some refer to it as “little Baltimore.” While I think that phrase might go a little too far, there is crime in our city.

So, when driving through the streets, when we see people who might be questionable, or groups of people, we make sure the car doors are locked. Before someone assumes the wrong thing from this, the doors are locked regardless what ethnic background the person might be.

So, this was the case this past Sunday as we headed north on Academy Street, a narrow street lined with buildings that mostly need renovation.

As I looked down the street I saw that up ahead on my left were a group of young men. As we approached, they huddled together.

“Lock the doors,” I said to Dorcas as I locked mine.

As we approached, I saw these men had cards or flyers in their hands and I wondered what was going on. One of the biggest men saw me look, recognized me, and called out my name.

It was one of our fellow ministers in town! A dear brother in Christ who has a heart for souls.

I rolled the window down, greeted him, unlocked my door, and joked, “I can unlock my door now since I know it's you.” That gave him a good laugh.

Yes, it was safe to have my door unlocked then, because this man was my true brother, and no doubt the other men with him.

You see, those truly in Christ, regardless of religious affiliation, are under One King, the One Who lived, died, and rose for us. Those truly in Christ do not have to have certain laws written down in black and white, such as do not steel, rape, abuse and so on, for the royal law has been engraved on their hearts. And, if Christ truly dwells within, they shall not do such things.

Those who are truly Christ’s are under a theocracy, which will one day come upon the earth for one thousand years as stated in Revelation 20. Then shall come to pass those Scriptures similar to, Isa 65:25: "The wolf and the lamb shall feed together, and the lion shall eat straw like the bullock: and dust shall be the serpent’s meat. They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain, saith the LORD.” This coming theocracy will also bring peace to humans of course.

To be part of it, though, we need to have peace with God. That can only come by true and complete surrender of our lives to Christ, the Prince of Peace.

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