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The Best Love

By Peter P. Macinta

Most people "love" pizza. Know of anyone that wants to marry a pizza? The way things are going in society, barring the return of Messiah, probably such idiotic thinking will probably become law just a few short centuries away--if not a number of decades.

The term "love" is most likely one of the most over-used words today in the English language, being used instead of "like" or "lust." This might be a small thing to some readers but keep in mind that it is written in Song of Solomon that it is "the little foxes that spoil the vine." I am of the opinion this little fox of over using "love" has done damage to the the God ordained institution of marriage, godly childrearing and other matters.

When God moved upon holy men to write His Word, the providence of God saw to it that the original languages the Holy Scriptures were written in contain words that revealed various aspects or levels of love. The Holy Spirit directed these God honoring men to select the words God wanted to use to express His life giving truths to us.

A major theme of God's Word is that all have sinned and no one tainted with sin can have Eternal Life, but is on the path to eternal condemnation. However, through His act of holy love (John 3:16) we can be redeemed by the blood of Christ if we truly surrender to Him. The Greek word for love in that verse indicates an act of God's will to love, and the balance of that verse and its context show us that we are the unworthy objects of that love if we choose to receive it.

We also see in that general passage we must agree to the remedy for our sinfulness. This is a holy love, so much unlike the so-called love we see in the world that lets almost anything go on.

In surrendering completely to Christ one enters into an eternal "clean," as it is written in Ephesians 1:4a, "that we should be holy and without blame before him in love:"

Real, pure, godly love does not let sin alone, but deals with it. This is true mercy, for God has made provision for us to be liberated from sin and our sin nature, and liberated to enjoy the peace that comes by serving Him. If you have surrendered to Christ then you know to some degree this great love of God. If you are not committed to Christ, I encourage you to surrender your all to Him and discover the best love there is.

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