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Ligting the Word

By Pete Macinta

For most people the Holy Bible is a mysterious book and difficult to understand. And, for those who have come in contact with so called higher thought on the matter, they have accepted the falsehood that the Word of God is riddled with contradictions and loaded with myth.

I can remember there was a time in my parent's home when we had a couple of Holy Bibles, but rarely ever opened and read with any amount of intent.

In a way, that is part of the problem. One is not going to understand something unless an honest effort is made to understand it. So, many people, instead of reading the Holy Bible Itself tend just to take the word on the street about it. As a result, if they ever do open the Holy Bible and start to read they become even more confused since what they are reading does not match what they were told.

Frankly, it takes faith to believe that the collection of books that span hundreds of years is the Word of God, but consider the following. Do you think that God Almighty would place us here without giving us instructions that were eventually written down?

Secondly, if the Holy Bible is that instruction book, would not the way of salvation be quite plain and simple? I would tell you that it is, so simple that even a child can understand the fact that we all do wrong things and we need a Saviour within to cause us to live correctly.

That, essentially, is the main theme of the Holy Bible and once we yield to that simple truth by fully committing to Christ, Christ does indeed come in to live in us and through us.

Jesus state he who believes (commits to) in Him, believes (commits to) the Father also. The Son resides in our hearts by His Holy Spirit. When this occurs, we have met, and personally have within us, the Author of the Holy Bible.

I remember that after I came to Christ, all of the sudden the Holy Bible seemed to light up, and Its writings began to make good sense. And, after almost four decades of being in Christ and reading the Holy Bible over and over again, more things "light up" by the illumination of His Holy Spirit.

It is written (1 Corinthians 2:14), "But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned."

If you do not personally know the Author, I invite you to stop being a "natural man" and become a living spirit by completely trusting in Christ.

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