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Being Quick On Defense

By Peter P. Macinta

It was less than 24 hours before when this GemLight was written that a loud boom was heard in Dorchester County. While there was slight vibration here, others reported that their windows rattled due to the noise.

No one that I know has any idea what it was. Dorcas wondered if it was thunder since there were thunderstorms forecasted for the day.

We have a radio here tuned to the Dorchester County emergency dispatch frequency, but no alert was given in regard to an explosion or some other incident.

I, like some others, had to wonder if it was a sonic boom. I had to think of the possibility of a defense jet on a mission, but so far I have not seen any news report in regard to this.

A defense jet is a possibility and it is good to know a quick response will occur if our borders seem to be threatened. This is indeed important, but there is a realm far more important than are physical world.

Despite the fact that most ignore, or even deny, the spiritual realm, we are definitely spirit creatures. Satan and his forces constantly influence and attack the lives of everyone. As we look at the Word of God, we will see that there is great protection in the kingdom of God--not that those who are in it do not come under attack, but those who are in His kingdom have God and His forces as a defense.

By the Holy Spirit David writes in Psalm 59:1, "Deliver me from mine enemies, O my God: defend me from them that rise up against me." While he was impelled by the Holy Spirit to write this when men were sent to watch his house so he might be killed, we can look at that verse today and use it as a prayer for deliverance from the spirit enemies that would destroy our homes, minds, lives and souls.

And, rest assured, if we have a contrite heart, God is quicker and more powerful than a scrambled jet as we trust Him. But that is the other part. We need to trust Him and that trust includes unswerving obedience to whatever He tells us to do.

There are also cases where people do not even know they are under spiritual attack. That is another reason why it is good to make sure you are in the kingdom of God and in tune with His Holy Spirit.

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