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By Peter P. Macinta

During the week of October 17, 2010, I came across an interesting report from the Associated Press (AP) about conditions in Germany. Chancellor Angela Merkel was warning that Germany was becoming more stupid (her words as presented in the AP report), thanks to certain immigrants.

These certain immigrants are of a certain religious background, which I will not identify in this GemLight, not out of fear but because it might be I will be directed by God to witness to them since many have come across my path lately. Their militants have already been mentioned in some other GemLights and I just do not feel led to mention who they are at this time. Let me just put it this way, this non-Christian religion is often in the news.

Merkel stated that Germany was tied to Christian values. Note, she said Christian values, not Christianity. Over the course of time there has been enormous stupidity and numerous atrocities in the name of “Christianity.” However, true Christian values, especially when applied by true Christians, are a great benefit to any society, whether they be democratic, socialist, or communist.

Of course, those true Christian values come from Christ Himself, not religion. They are activated in people when they drop everything, including their religion, and live through the life of Christ.

I have said this before on the Internet: Religion, including “Christianity,” can lead to eternal death. Romans 6:23 states sin leads to spiritual death. Essentially, sin is missing the perfection that God wants us to have. Stupidity certainly falls short of perfection.

By contrast, “... the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death.”--Romans 8:2.

Christ certainly was not stupid. He was also a hard worker and is the best example of serving society. Looking in the prophetic books of Daniel and Revelation we see that He eventually will reign. If you are not on His side now, I encourage you to completely yield your entire life to Him. For those that have, we have great comfort in knowing that any political or religious group that threatens to overcome the world will one day be defeated by the Messiah Himself. Those on Christ’s side will enjoy everlasting peace.

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