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Trapped and Bound!

By Peter P. Macinta

I went to Circuit Court the other day to see what will happen with a young man that had come out to our church a couple of times.

As usual we had to wait for the judge to show up (probably another GemLight idea). After he entered and was seated, the State's Attorney began to call the cases on her list.

In front of me about 18 feet away were two baldheaded, big, muscular guards from the correctional system. Not far from them was the holding room for detention center prisoners.

As the State's Attorney called one case, a deputy slid a pass-card through the security box next to that door and a tall young man was escorted out of the room and stood at the defendant's table.

I did not hear what he was accused of because some people had to rattle papers and others coughed. However, what got my attention was the way this prisoner, and the others after him, were secured. A few years back, it was just handcuffs. But this time I saw these people with a thick strap around them above their waist. The buckle for the strap was behind them. I could not see, but it seemed like their hands were secured by cuffs which were secured to the strap.

And, while this young prisoner stood there, one of the guards moved to the back of the room and stood by the door by which we had entered in. The other guard stood by the door the young man just came out of. He was surely bound and trapped!

So was Israel after repeatedly turning away from the living God unto idols, greed and other sins. And so is the whole world that is without Christ. They may not realize it, but they are bound by sin. There is some sin or a set of sins that besets even the best of people. And, the more one sins, the more they are bound by sin.

The world is trapped by their closed minds to the Gospel of Christ. It is simply phenomenal to hear what some people think about some passages of the Holy Bible anymore. Then, these same people accuse Christians, who witness to them while using the exact words of the Holy Bible, of twisting the Word.

It seems like a an impossible situation. However, Christ Himself said that what is impossible with man is possible with God. God made the cure in Christ when Jesus took our sin and sin nature, was crucified and resurrected. Christ calls us to join Him on the cross so we might be raised to a new life, "For he that is dead is freed from sin."--Romans 6:7. Invite Christ to be your King today, asking Him to cleanse you from all sin.

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