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A Favorite Time of Mine

By Pete Macinta

Challenges are all around us and they occur everyday. While some might not be very pleasant, there are instances that bring intrigue and delight.

Every true Christian hears directly from God, and that in itself should be a blessed experience. But one thing I particularly enjoy is preparing messages, as God so directs, for the Sunday services I speak in.

I enjoy it because not only is it a great delight to hear from God as to what to speak on, but I also find tremendous pleasure in analyzing the passages that God directs me to and then construct a message on the level of my hearers.

Jesus would do the same thing too. Keep in mind He was God in human flesh and through the Holy Spirit in the fellowship with the Father He had knowledge that no human could understand. However in mercy He expressed truths of salvation, holiness and other matters in simple terms so His hearers would understand.

Unless I hear God giving me a topic or a passage, I begin asking God what my hearers need. I then ask God to direct me to a passage in Holy Scripture.

There are times I open my Bibles to prepare a message and find some tremendously deep truths. Oftentimes this occurs when I check the ancient languages. No, I'm not that well educated in those languages but I do consult references written by experts.

In all cases the process of hermeneutics (Bible interpretation) takes place, ranging from the simplest, most obvious sentences to the more difficult passages. Regardless of how I feel about something, God's Word must be rendered for what it says. The immediate and general context of the passage must be considered as well as the passage's relationship to the whole Bible.

Many other hermeneutical factors are also considered. It's like finding a gem in the rough and bringing out its beauty.

This is something you can do too, at least in a basic way. But the first step is for you to come to know the Author in personal way, by fully committing your life to Him.

Then ask God to open your understanding of the Word of God. This will mean laying aside preconceived ideas, like, the God of the Old Testament is a vengeful God while the God of the New Testament is merciful. Once you read the whole Bible you will see that God remains the same throughout.

When you do sincerely and humbly ask for God's guidance, then be assured that the principle of John 16:13 will take affect: However, when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: ..."

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