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Are You Selecting Gifts?

By Pete Macinta

It is the first week of October as this GemLight is being published and I would imagine that there are some people already out shopping for Christmas gifts.

Personally, I do not like to go Christmas shopping during the American shopping season. I often try to find what I can well before Christmas rolls in. Regarding Christmas itself, I fully realize that the actual date of the birth of Christ is most likely some other date than December 25, as mentioned in the previous GemLight.

Nonetheless, just like most families we go ahead and get gifts for Christmas. In fact, since I have not yet gotten anything for Dorcas, I consider myself a little behind in the matter. And the pressure is on here my friends since her birthday is coming up soon too.

I prefer to be like some folks who look for good gifts throughout the year and get them ahead of time.

I hope the readers of these devotionals realize that the greatest gift that was ever given was that of Eternal Life through Jesus Christ. And talking about planning ahead, God most certainly did.

We read in Revelation 13:8 that Jesus Christ is " ...the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world." This, and other passages, indicate that the act of redeeming mankind from sin was already in the mind and heart of God even before our world was created.

This shows us the immense love that God has for us and that He personally is concerned about our eternal fate. It also shows us that God personally did something about our wretchedness, providing for us not only atonement for sin, but the very life that we need to live in order to please Him.

With the atonement comes Christ's acceptance of our punishment for sin. One of the blessings the redeemed sense in this case is the removal of guilt from their lives.

The life of Christ frees us from sin and our sin nature to do the will of God for our lives. If we remain in Christ, we will inherit Eternal Life when we leave this earthly life.

Indeed, in Christ God has provided for every person the greatest gift they can ever have. My friend, if you have not already done so, please fully commit to the gift of God---Christ Himself.

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