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Easier Reading Than The U.S. Tax Law

By Peter P. Macinta

You might understand NOLs, golden parachutes, nonrecourse financing, depreciation rules, section 179 deductions, recapture credits and similar terms, but many, including myself, do not. Sure, there are plenty of publications to explain these things, but it takes hours on end to read and correctly understand what they are saying--well, at least for me.

Over a decade ago I switched from doing our own taxes armed with pencils and paper, and have used computer software to help me get through the maze of legal terms. Even then, there are still times I sit in bewilderment wondering what something means or why does the government figure things the way they do. Case in point is trying the actual worksheet to see if you have provided more than half of your child's support in order to claim him as a dependent. Logically it sounds quite simple but, unless I misunderstand the worksheet, by the time one follows all the steps the figures they provide have to be very high in comparison to what the child makes.

I certainly thank God the Holy Bible is not that difficult to understand, especially the Gospels. I have seen very young children read, understand, and follow through with what they have read.

In Revelation 10, by the Holy Spirit the Apostle John records he saw an angel descend from heaven. It is written in verse two, "And he had in his hand a little book open..." By reading the context we see this represents the saving Gospel of Christ. Note that the Scripture does not record that it was some gigantic cryptic document the angel had, but that is both little and open.

This is great, because when it comes to what really matters most, our eternal fate, the Holy Bible is very simple and clear. It does not take long for one to understand that God wants us to place our faith (trust) completely in Him through Christ and for us to forsake our sin. It's commands are easy to understand and, more than that, if one commits to Christ, Christ Himself gives the believer the ability to follow through with those commands.

Sure there are some very deep things in the Holy Bible. However, those are for our spiritual growth and study. Even then, if one is in Christ and Christ is in them, God's Holy Spirit guides the person in understanding the Word of God.

One of these days, the tax laws of all countries will be no more. However, the Word of God will remain and abide forever. Those that place their full trust in Christ, the Living Word, will inherit Eternal Life.

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