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Homeless Man Shows an Aspect of Christ

By Peter P. Macinta

It was mid-November 2010 and winter was just around the corner when a remarkable story broke about a homeless Arizona man. Dave Talley, a recovering drug addict, discovered a knapsack containing $3,000 and a laptop. While some could easily rationalize that since they are down-and-out they might as well keep the money, Dave took a different path.

Dave brought the knapsack with its contents to the local police who discovered the owner, Bryan Belanger, after they used a USB drive the knapsack contained. Bryan at that time was a student of Arizona State University.

Dave worked odd jobs and stayed in various shelters. In reports he admitted he was tempted to keep the money, but resisted that powerful urge in order to do what he knew was right. After this hit the news, Dave has been rewarded with generosity and acts of kindness from numerous people touched by his honesty.

Honest he was, but I see another great quality in Dave’s godly response--selflessness. His selflessness reminds me of what Christ did for us, not just upon the cross, but from the time His flesh was conceived in Mary up unto His death.

Consider what Philippians 2:6-7 states as presented in Williams’ translation which brings out the full intent of the original language: “Though He was existing in the nature of God, He did not think His being on an equality with God a thing to be selfishly grasped, but He laid it aside, as He took on the nature of a slave and became like other men.”

As we read the Gospels, though He was the Messiah, Jesus did not strut around like a king or some dignitary. We see Him washing feet, touching lepers and ardently serving and teaching with His personal focus upon atoning for our sins.

It this day when society has conditioned many to be selfish, let us not only aspire to the selfless Christ, but may we surrender to Him, letting Him live through us at all times.

One more thing about Dave. I also feel his rightful action points to the fact we are made in the image of God. Let us respond to that image, and let its fulness be activated in our lives upon our commitment to Him.

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