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Get "Eye to Eye" With God

By Peter P. Macinta

Often when someone does not want to tell the truth or when things are just getting a little too uncomfortable for them during deep questioning, the person under examination does not want to make eye contact with their examiner. In response, that person might evade the question, or the point being made by attempting to switch the topic, change definitions, or target someone or something else with blame.

When Christians tell others about Christ they sometimes meet with these maneuvers. Folks make excuses for not surrendering to Christ by blaming God for the actions of people, churches, or religion. In a way, they do not really want to see God “eye to eye,” and hide behind people, churches, or religion.

Man’s sinful actions are the result of not fully trusting God. People have their own will and God should not be blamed because of their lack of trust in Him. “For what if some did not believe? shall their unbelief make the faith of God without effect? God forbid: yea, let God be true, but every man a liar; ..." -- Romans 3:3-4.

Those that would avoid God by looking to man would do themselves a favor by directly facing God. Eternal Life is the Eternal Son of God, not a religion.

You can be called a Christian, raised a Christian, baptized a Christian and go to church but unless you have an ongoing personal relationship with God through His Son you are on the same broad road to hell as the majority, and God wants everyone to make an exit from that road.

Note some of the things Christ said about the Judgment. Christ never said one goes to Hell for not being Pentecostal, Baptist, Catholic, or not being good enough or not having enough good to outweigh the bad. The criteria will be this (Matthew 7:23): “I never knew you.” The Greek word used here for “know” is quite broad in its meaning, ranging from simple knowledge to a deep personal knowledge. We know He meant the latter, for it is written (James 2:19), “ ...the devils also believe, and tremble.”

Looking at the book of James we see the Holy Spirit indicates saving faith is where one has a personal knowledge of Christ that is so rooted in love for Him that one acts upon that faith, doing the acts of Christ.

No religion saves, only God does through Christ. Feel free to have a direct chat with Him now. Get your eyes off of man and look directly upon God. Forsake sin and surrender your all to Christ.

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