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By Peter P. Macinta

This GemLight was written while we were on the road, going to Laurel, Delaware to join others in the celebration of the adoptisson of a child. For most of the five years that this couple has had the child there has been a spiritual and legal battle over his earthly destiny.

Since I might write a full article about this situation, and since certain online publishers require them to be the first to publish if one expects any renumeration, I can’t give details now. However, I can say this whole matter was almost like a roller coaster ride with twists and turns along with the usual ups and downs. I will also say it was in the very best interests of the child that he be adopted, despite the fact his biological mother, and, for awhile, his biological dad, wanted him back. The child’s adoptive parents are in touch with God through Christ, and he has many relatives that also personally know Christ within themselves.

I feel disaster awaited this child had the court ruled otherwise. However, after miracle after miracle, the victory for the child’s sake, and really for the Lord, was gained September 2010.

The two fates this child faced parallel the situation that everyone born is actually in whether they realize it or not, although the results of either end are far greater than any earthly conditions we can face.

On the dark side is the fact that all of us from the time that we enter this world are immediately destined for eternal damnation, for Jesus indicated in John 3:17 that whoever is not committed to Him shall perish. Satan, the world system, and our own sin nature add numerous negative issues in this earthly life along the way to that dismal end.

Foundationally, this is all the result of the choice our biological parents, Adam and Eve, made in disobeying God. However, though man disobeyed Him, God made provision to rescue anyone from the horrible end of eternal punishment.

As our heavenly Father, God desires to adopt each one of us. Our sin and sin nature prevents that from happening. However, as the Son He veiled upon Himself our flesh and lived a sinless life. In order to rescue us, God placed our sin and sin nature upon Christ as He went to the cross where He paid the full penalty for our sin and crushed our sin nature.

A new life awaits those who truly trust in this finished work of the Son of God. When we fully commit to Christ, He activates in us the finished work of Christ. We are transferred from the line of Adam and adopted into the Kingdom of His dear Son. “For ye have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear; but ye have received the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father.”--Romans 8:15

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