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Loving X-rays of God

By Peter P. Macinta

The discovery of x-rays has certainly been a blessing to mankind. With this tool, problems ranging from minor issues to those that are life threatening have been detected with x-rays. While most of us do not fully know the science behind this wonderful tool, we welcome its use on us when we have need of it.

There are some parallels to x-rays in the Word of God. In Revelation 1:14 we read this figurative description of Christ, “...and his eyes were as a flame of fire." Before I committed to Christ, I found that aspect of Christ to be unsettling, even scary.

However, after surrendering to Christ I discovered, as many others have, that this is something very good, even better than x-rays. To my knowledge, x-rays only help to diagnose a situation, not really to cure one. Too much x-ray radiation can damage us.

On the other hand, what is described in Revelation 1, when compared to other passages, the Lord’s fiery eyes not only diagnose our spiritual condition, but are part of the cure.

There a times that fire in God’s Word is used in the sense of purging, cleansing. Take for example the Lord’s solution to Isaiah’s unclean lips in Isaiah 6:5-7. After being cleansed, Isaiah was inspired to answer the call of God upon his life.

Satan would love to have his way and just let every one of us fester in our spiritual disease of sin. On the other hand, God, Who is gracious and loving wants us to look into the fiery eyes of His Son so He in mercy might cleanse us. His eyes can certainly detect things we do not discern, or may not want to discern. However, for our own good and for His glory He will lovingly reveal what needs to be corrected. It is up to us, though, to be examined and cured by Him through His Son.

Sure, that might be a little unsettling to anyone, but I would rather be cured then wind up condemned when I leave this life. Besides, going to Him for His merciful x-ray treatment helps us to have a fuller life.

If Revelation 1:14 really gives you the jitters, that could be an indicator you need to make your peace with Him by surrendering fully to Christ. There’s nothing wrong with that, and it is a life full of blessing.

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