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Blind, But Not To Ability

By Pete Macinta

He seemed to be quite amazing. I had seen blind people before, but as I watched through my dormitory window at Bible institute, this man was gently jogging up to the administration building occasionally clapping as he went. I later learned he was clapping, listening to the returning sound of his claps to make sure he was on the right path in relation to nearby trees and that nothing large was in his way.

Edward Reardon was this new instructor at the school, assigned to teach music and direct the Evangelaire Concert Choir which traveled twice a year in ministry throughout the Northeast United States. He did his job very well.

To many of us students, he was somewhat of a novelty and we enjoyed being with him. We learned how he learned how to deal with a world he could not see.

He probably knew his limitation was meant to be blessing to others and even tolerated playful, well meaning fun as when a student might come up from behind him, cover his sightless eyes and ask, “Guess who?” He would know every time and, with a chuckle, name the playful student.

Then, there were times he did more than chuckle, but roared with laughter as he conversed with the students as they told funny stories or shared jokes.

And while brother Reardon had his physical limitation, there are numerous other Christians that are even far more limited. Recently, I was privileged to view over the Internet another brother in Christ who was without limbs. He had part of a foot with toes which he was able to use for computer work.

Thanks to these people, one lesson we can clearly learn is that regardless of any limitation we have, or we think we have, as we look to God and trust Him, He enables us to do His will.

Satan and our sinful flesh would prefer us to focus upon our limitations, or use them as an excuse to avoid the will of God. Our spiritual enemy wants us under his control and in his domain. However, God desires to liberate us from this bondage and increase our capabilities.

In Psalm 28, verse 7 we read, “The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in him, and I am helped.” That and other verses, along with the many examples we see of people with limitations who live really full lives, should encourage us to increase our capabilities for our Savior, if we are truly born-again, regardless of age, illness or anything else. In so doing, we will find blessing, and be a blessing to others.

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