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Great! I Can't Remember!

By Pete Macinta

No friends, I'm not trying to gloss over my age in this Bible GemLight. Though forgetfulness can be a bother at times and could very well have nothing to do with age, there are instances where it can be a definite blessing.

People have all sorts of personalities and I can remember just a few short decades ago that I would be the type of person that would remember almost every difficult situation and ponder to myself as to why I would be plagued with so many negative encounters. While some others are of the type that could shake off such things, my personality seemed to latch on to them and even enjoy self-pity at times.

Christ desires to lovingly correct that, and for those that are in Christ, and remain in Him, they will be cured of this pity malady in whatever way He sees fit.

For me, it was one trouble after another. When I dedicated my life to Christ at first, my pastor, his wife, and many other fine, mature Christians would encourage us new converts to resort to the Psalms of the written Word of God. They indicated that the Psalms were a great place to find refuge.

As a young person I had a “macho” tinge in me and felt that the Psalms were for wimps. But, the Holy Spirit reminded me all of the Word of God was good and nudged me into them.

By the late 1980's and through much of the 1990's I got into the habit of regularly resorting to the Psalms when faced with trouble. Oftentimes, I just “happened” to turn to the appropriate Psalm that described what I was facing. When that happened, I wrote the date of its occurrence next to the the heading of the Psalm I had read. For example, Psalm 62 might be marked as March 12, 1994, because after facing a terrible situation that day, I came across that particular Psalm and the Holy Spirit made it speak to me in a personal way.

Somewhere in our house there is a Holy Bible with dozens of such markings. If I were to open it now and pick out one of the marked Psalms, with the exception of Psalm 10, I would not be able to tell you what problem was plaguing me at the time. However, in all of them, I can certainly express the joy and strength God graciously gave me through that trial.

Such is the case with many, if not all, who walk in Christ. It is just a little taste of heaven. When we see the sixth seal opened in Revelation 6 we note that even some of those who have gone through earth's darkest hour will have their sorrow turned into joy, for “God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes,” (verse 17).

If He can do it for them, He can do it for us, if we are in Him.

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