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Hitler Led Me To Christ

By Pete Macinta

Though I have never met Adolf Hitler, who was responsible for the death of an estimated 6 million Jews, his hideous sinful legacy was partly what brought me to Christ.

As a child in the 1950's and 60's I would hear my relatives occasionally talk about World War II and Hitler. I saw numerous TV documentaries and looked at numerous books that also showed how most of those Jews were tortured without pity.

In search of God in my mid-teenage years I turned to pantheism – essentially, the belief that God was everything and everything was part of God. For awhile, that made sense. I would at least explain that God was everywhere and all powerful, which was what I was taught as a very young child.

However, I was also taught that God was good, and the thought of all the evil in the world raised a problem in my mind. If everything is part of God, then that would mean murder was a part of Him, as well as all other evils. I later came across information regarding the thoughts of Baruch Spinoza from which I gathered he was saying God being God He can do what He desires whether we call in moral evil or not, but I did not feel this was adequate.

In my mind, evil had to be dealt with as well as those who committed evil and seemingly have not received a just recompense for their actions. Sometimes I had to think about the Mafia who reportedly had killed people in the New York Metropolitan area and covered their deeds by making deposits in the quicksands of New Jersey swamps. These killers seemingly had gotten away with murder, as did Hitler whom I felt never did get what he deserved.

I concluded that if there was a God, He was good, and would be good enough to “even the score,” so to speak.

In my senior year in high school God assigned a junior named Bob Wittik to talk to me about Him. I don't remember what Bob said, but he encouraged me to listen to Evangelist Billy Graham who at that time was preaching quite often from the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

I indeed saw God was going to punish evildoers, but was Jesus really the answer to that problem?

On January 25, 1970, Graham explained that Jesus Christ could be the only one to judge mankind in the end, for he was all God and all man. I thought of Hitler and knew there had to be a judgment. “For the Father judgeth no man, but hath committed all judgment unto the Son,” John 5:22.

That was one reason of many why, by faith, I committed to Christ that evening and found His mercy for me in His blood. Christ being Judge made good sense to me, and I hope it does to you.

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