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In Memory of Brother Robert Ott

By Peter P. Macinta

Last week I learned that one of the professors I had in Bible institute, brother Robert Ott, when on to his eternal reward in Christ. While humans are humans, even if they are credentialed by men as ministers, some sadly flounder in carnality while others, like brother Ott, dwell in the heavenly realms.

I could mention a number of things about brother Ott. One thing that comes to mind was when he prayed a certain way in class. I will save that for another GemLight, perhaps the next, but for now I want to tell you something about brother Ott that reflects an aspect of Christ that you and I can appreciate.

The professors at Bible institute were always willing to counsel. I forget what was troubling me, but some things were weighing heavy on my mind and for some reason I chose brother Ott to go to.

This gentle man took time from his busy schedule as I unloaded whatever burden I had before him. I was in his office for about 20 to 30 minutes, and I did most of the talking. In fact, as I can’t remember what my problem was, neither can I remember what counsel he gave--if any. It’s not that he was unwilling to give counsel, but I distinctly remember, after talking that length of time, telling him I felt better.

Brother Ott prayed with me and I thanked him. I felt good after I left his office, somewhat surprised because I did most of the talking. And then I realized that I felt good partly because brother Ott was a good listener.

Brother Ott did what Christ often does: listen. In Psalm 17:1 we read, “Hear the right, O LORD, attend unto my cry, give ear unto my prayer, that goeth not out of feigned lips.”

God actually wants us to talk with Him. It is not that He is lonely. It is because we really need Him as the center of our life.

Note carefully though that David by the Holy Spirit speaks about prayer that comes to God from unfeigned lips. Perhaps that is why some do not want to talk to God, because they know they would have to be truthful with Him. Sometimes in those cases things get so bad that some folk feel that they have no recourse but to “have a little talk with Jesus.”

If you are not on good talking terms with Christ do not wait until life backs you into a corner. Start chatting with Jesus now. And, if you have not already done so, ask Him to forgive your sins, cleanse you and take up residence within you.

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