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He Took A Break From Technology

By Peter P. Macinta

To some, technology can often be quite useful, but it can also be very absorbing. To view this, all one has to do is to go to a store and most likely they will find people with their cell phones to their heads and oblivious to other shoppers around them who might just be in a rush.

As I write this, it has been over two weeks since our car broke down. A timing belt pulley had failed and the motor was damaged. The mechanic had to wait on parts which finally came--too late to spare us from another hot summer walk to where our church meets on Sundays.

At one point in our journey I spied a man sitting a on bench, cell phone in hand and evidently text-messaging. Thinking of the many others I have seen so engrossed in that practice I figured we will walk by and he will not even notice us.

Well, I was wrong. Just as we started to pass him, he looked up from his technology task and said good morning. We returned the greeting and continued on our way, but I thought it was great this guy took the time to pause from what he was doing in order to greet us.

Sad to say, this guy did more than what some people do a good portion of their lives in regard to God. Too many get wrapped up in what they think is life to really have quality time with God. Others feel their attendance in church or praying a written prayer is sufficient to keep them in proper standing with their Creator. And there are some who feel God does not exist.

In Psalm 5:3 David by the Spirit wrote, “My voice shalt thou hear in the morning, O LORD; in the morning will I direct my prayer unto thee, and will look up.” Despite being quite busy as King of Israel, he made it a point to commune with God, his King, the first thing in the morning. Looking at his life, except for the times he wandered into sin, he had the habit of speaking with God throughout the day.

The New Testament shows we are to be continually praying to God, and that it is best that we have Christ as King and as a Friend in our life. Let Him come in and reside in you, asking Him to cleanse of all sin and fill you with His life.

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