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Fireworks Fans

By Peter P. Macinta

They did it, despite a variety of inconveniences! It was something they wanted to see and enjoy, so they made an effort to be there when it happened.

Throughout the United States this past July 4 many made it a point to be outside to view fireworks displays in their area. While this is no big deal and happens every year, we can learn a few things from fireworks and the people who enjoy them.

And, most people do enjoy them despite certain issues. I can remember when I was little and went to the local high school stadium where the fireworks would be displayed out in the playing field. With everyone else, we sat on concrete levels as we awaited the big show. Unless you brought a cushion, you discover concrete is not soft. Yet, many tolerated it, with the help of some pre-fireworks entertainment.

Where I now live, many head to various locations along the Choptank River. Some things to overcome include finding a parking space and fighting off mosquitoes.

However, most would agree the inconveniences did not matter once the fireworks occurred, dazzling the fans with colorful displays against the night sky. It was worth making the effort.

It’s even more rewarding to make an effort to discover the Word of God and God’s ways. Most people who consider the Holy Bible as irrelevant never have made a real effort under God’s direction to study it. Well, I can honestly tell you that since 1970 when I surrendered to Christ I have never found a principle in the Word of God that has failed. And, better than fireworks, there is always something new (to me) and exciting to come across even though I have read it numerous times.

The same goes for the mighty works of God--there’s fireworks everyday! One can see lives changed, prayers answered, and problems solved. If one is in communion with God through Christ, there is His blessed presence that teaches and guides.

As it is written in Psalm 105:4-5, “Seek the LORD, and his strength: seek his face evermore. Remember his marvelous works that he hath done; his wonders, and the judgments of his mouth.”

The beauty and excitement is there, but we need to make the effort to get past the inconveniences that come our way. We must decide God has to be our focus, and His Christ (Messiah) the center of our life.

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