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Even so hath the Lord ordained that they which preach the gospel should live of the gospel. -- 1 Cor. 9:14
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Abba! --- Mark 14:36, Romans 8:15, Galatians 4:6-7
51:56 / 58:06 Here is the outline for this message with brief comments. M0000410 Cornerstone 190616-P Fathers Day, fathers, father, submission, sonship, heir, submissive, submissiveness, subordination, adoption, adopted, Holy Spirit, Holy Ghost, Ur, Syria, Pandamaram, Abram, Abraham, slave to sin, bondage, Spirit of Adoption, spirit of bondage, Godhead, Trinity, Elohim

A Father's God-honoring Legacy --- Genesis 41:51-52
28:26 / 32:23 Here is the outline for this message with brief comments. M0000368 Cornerstone at Mallard Bay 210615-A - Fathers Day, dad, dads, parents, faithfulness, example, godly, faithful, Joseph, Potiphar, Ephraim, Manasseh, Pharaoh, Egypt, fruitful, dream, dreams, prison, adversity, prosperity, corn, grain, famine, plenty

A Father's Treasure, 1 Kings 2:1-3
42:48 M0000196 Cornerstone 170612- Keywords: Fathers Day, father, fathers, children, inheritance, spiritual children, law of God, Holy Bible, the Word of God, judgments, statutes, commandments, testimony, testimonies, statute, judgment, commandment, command, man, manhood

Ahoy Mates! Turbulent Seas Ahead! --- Psalm 107:23-32
55:35 / 1:05:47 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000436Cornerstone 080117-P Age of the Gentiles, Great Tribulation, Donald Trump, Captain, prophetic, outcry, Sodom and Gomorrah, prophecy, Psalm 107, Captain, Captain of their salvation, salvation, clamor, sail, sailors, sailing, sea, seas, ocean, oceans, world, world system, cry, cried, storm, storms, whirlwind, whirlwinds, return of Christ, rapture, narrow constricting path, thilipsis, judgment, Israel, Jews

Aid For Godly Repentance --- | or Copy title and place in player below Hebrews 12:22-24
53:49 / 1:01:02 M0000237 Cornerstone 240213-P repent, help, aid, repentance, repenting, mercy, mediator, Jesus Christ, God the Judge, blood of Christ, Abel, Mount Zion, Mount Sinai, Heavenly Jerusalem, Living God, angels, the epistle of Hebrews, citizenship in heaven

An Apostle's Desire --- | or Copy title and place in player below Colossians 1:9d-10
43:40 M0000209 Cornerstone 260812-P See below for part 2 for this --God’s will, life in Christ, God’s way, walking Christ, walk, walking, live, living, conversation, work, works, good works, experiential knowledge, revelation of God

An Apostle's Desire, part 2 --- | or Copy title and place in player below Colossians 1:9d-10
47:49 M0000210 Cornerstone 020912-P strength, strengthened, godly character, power, might, godliness, dominion, authority, joy, joyfulness, rejoicing, spiritual growth, Christian growth

Ancient Elements Of Fellowship With God --- Genesis 26:25
43:02 / 47:21 Here is the outline for this message with brief comments. M0000407 Cornerstone 290516-A communion with God, Jesus Christ, Isaac, presence, well, crave, thirst, drink, water of life, presence of Christ, Abraham, tent, tents, Beersheba, construct, build, altar, devotion, commit, commitment, crave, commune, communion

A Really Out Of This World Dad --- Genesis 5:21-24, Hebrews 11:5, Jude 14-15
51:06 / 56:55 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000457 Cornerstone 170617-P fathers, Fathers Day, rapture, Enoch, pleasing God, obedience, walking with God, walked with God, did not see death, warn, warning, Book Of Enoch, pseudepigrapha, translate, translated, translation

Avenues Of Strength --- Topical Ps. 28:7, 81:1a, 119:25-32, Jude 20
30:21 / 34:03 Here is the outline for this message with brief comments. M0000393 Cornerstone at Mallard Bay 070216-A worn out, end of my rope, fellowship, Word of God, worship, trust God, hopeless, hopelessness, weak, tired, strengthen, strengthening, Holy Bible, trusting God, commit

A Very Special Thanksgiving: Grateful For Grace --- Matthew 21:1-16
49:53 / 53:55 M0000286 Cornerstone 241113-A - cleanse, cleansing, cleansed, conquer, conqueror, victor, Christ, Messiah, Hanukkah, Jew, Jews, Jewish, Temple, The Beast, The Antichrist, caring, curing

Avoid the Collision--Climb!, Topical (based on the near collision of two jets heading for Denver, Thanksgiving week 2009)
27:27 / 58:31 M0000003 Bradford House 070210- Christ, damnation, salvation, sin

Balance Your Brain, Romans 12:3d-h
1:00:33 M0000167 Cornerstone 220111-A godly self-esteem, pride, humility, humble, false humility, transformed, mind, thinking

Baptism Of Blessing --- John 7:37-39
46:16 / 48:52 Outline to this message with brief comments. M0000365 Cornerstone 240515-A - Baptism of the Holy Spirit, tongues, living water, refreshing, Holy Ghost, Pentecost, Pentecostal, Charismatic, Feast of Tabernacles, incarnation, call, calling, cure, cause, origin, source

Beacon To Life --- John 8:12
49:03 / 53:02 Here is the outline for this message with brief comments. M0000387 Cornerstone 171215-P - secure, safe, safety, satisfaction, satisfied, security, sanity, sane, blind, blindness, see, seeing, Hanukkah, Festival of Lights, Light of the world, light, darkness, lighthouse, lighthouses, guide, guided, guidance, Word, Word of God

Bear The Seal Of God --- 2 Timothy 2:19b-c
50:24 / 53:49 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000454 NOTE: While delivering this message I had vocally made an error towards the end of it where you will hear me say on the recording that there are three Greek words in Luke 13:24-27 that match the seal of God in 2 Timothy 2:19. That is incorrect. There are only two, translated “depart” and “iniquity.” Additionally, in the process of editing I did not retain the entire location of the Matthew passage. The entire location is Matthew 7:21-27. --- Cornerstone 280517-P revolt, sin, iniquity, holiness, know, purge, cleanse, revolting, sin, sins, cleansing, knowing, iniquities

Because He Lives, We Can Have Forgiveness --- Hebrews 7:25b
29:04 / 34:00 M0000357 Cornerstone at Mallard Bay 050415-A - faults, failures, sins, intercession, intercede, High Priest, Jesus Christ, Hebrews, see, believe, perceive, receive, grace, intercessor

Be Empowered To Be Upright --- Proverbs 11:3 and 6
49:17 / tba M0000284 Cornerstone 101113-P - upright, uprightness, bent, bowed, bent over, integrity, wholeness, righteous, righteousness, salvation

Be Empowered To Forgive --- Topical - Matthew 18:21-35, John 3:18, Mark 9:23-24, Titus 3:5, Romans 3:10, Psalm 51:1, Psalm 51:4, Proverbs 28:13, Mark 11:25-26, James 2:13, Philippians 4:13, Hebrews 4:16, Galatians 2:20, Isaiah 53:4
46:13 / 53:46 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000441Cornerstone 260217-P mercy, grace, forgiveness, unforgiveness, debt, trespass, trespasses, sin, sins, sinful, sinner, sinners, forgiving, merciful, David, Bathsheba, Word of God, claim, claiming, release, releasing, released, imputation, Isaiah 53

Be Fireproofed! --- | or Copy title and place in player below Daniel 1:8-16, 3:4-18 & 27-28
55:40 / 58:52 M0000281 Cornerstone 271013-P faithfulness, steadfastness, dedication, firm, firmness, compromise, bend, bending, The Fourth Man, world, worldly, the Antichrist, the Beast, the False Prophet

Be God's Remnant --- 1 Kings 19:18
56:05 / 1:00:43 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000473 Cornerstone 151017-P fellowship, agreement, compromise, submission, Catholic Church, friendship, agree, agreeing, compromising, giving in, Roman Catholic Church, Sardis, Waldensians, Reformation, Huss, Tyndale, Luther

Behold! The Lamb of God!, Video from 2017 delivery, Exodus 12:1-13, John 1:29
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51:59 / 56:14 M0000139 Cornerstone 210811-P sacrifice, sacrificial, subordination, victory, victorious, propitiation, obedience, John the Baptist, Passover

Be Like The Master, Mark 10:45
47:00 M0000191 Cornerstone 200512-A selfless, ransom, dedication, service, minister, serve, serving, ministering, selflessness

Be Prepared With The Spirit --- Matthew 25:13
54:48 / 59:08 M0000319 Cornerstone 080614-P - lamp, torch, oil, baptism, filled, overflow, overflowing, return of Jesus Christ, Messiah, virgin, parable of the ten virgins, second coming, Armageddon, disciple, disciples, play, role, bride, bridegroom, groom, marriage, wedding, delay, declaration, distress, delight, denial, duty, speaking with other tongue, Pentecost, Pentecostal

Be Really Free! --- John 8:31-36
50:36 / 53:30 M0000322 Cornerstone 290614-A - liberty, liberated, liberation, son, sonship, heir, slave, slavery, serve, servant, Jesus Christ, Way, Truth, Life, salvation, discipleship, choice, homosexual, homosexuality, lesbian, bisexual

Be Resilient In God --- Micah 7:7-9
47:15 / 55:53 M0000328 Cornerstone 100814-A - decide, decision, declare, declaration, determine, determination, arise, rise

Bethlehem Blessing --- Micah 5:2
46:29 / 52:08 M0000291 Cornerstone 221213-A - despised, insignificant, rejected, demean, demeaned, declare, declared, depend, dependant, deliver, deliverance, delivered, destine, destined, predestined, incarnation

Be Truly Alive! --- Topical Genesis 2:7, Genesis 2:17, Genesis 3:15, Genesis 3:21, John 6:63, 1 Corinthians 15:45, 1 Peter 3:18
47:37 / 54:04 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000468 Cornerstone 100917-P spirit, spiritual, Holy Spirit, breath, breathing, abundant life, life, inspiration, bios, zoe, breathe, revive, revived, redeem, redemption, redeemed, Christ, finished work of Christ

Be Truly Called Out, Ephesians 5:10-11
| 55:45 / 58:03 M0000151 Cornerstone 301011-A expose, light, shame, shameful, light of the world

Biblical Insights Into Medicine --- | or Copy title and place in player below Topical
59:55 M0000123 Cornerstone 220511- medicine, drugs, sorcery, dependence, doctors, medical, faith, faithfulness, health, healing, heal, miracle, miracles, pharmakeia, therapy, therapeia, pharmacy, pharmaceutical, pharmaceuticals, sorceries, murder, theft, fornication, greed, Viagra, Tree of Life

Blessings For The Battle --- 2 Timothy 2:1-4
43:52 / 47:24 M0000310 Cornerstone 270414-A - energize, endure, entrust, enable, engage, disentangle, life, soldier, war, spiritual warfare, fight, fighting, King, Kingdom

Bless Your Mind --- Topical: Psalm 1:2, Psalm 77:12, Psalm 104:34
53:25 / 59:43 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000418 Cornerstone 280816-A meditate, meditation, think, thoughts, thinking, talking to yourself, thought, works of God, Word of God, God, talk to yourself

Blossoming Love --- John 15:9-11
49:06 / 57:30 M0000315 Cornerstone 110514-P - flow, fortify, flourish, Jesus Christ, obey, obedience, joy, joyfulness, sorrow, parable of the sower, guard, keep, observe, tereo

Boss Your Brain --- Topical: Romans 12:3, Philippians 4:8, Matthew 6:34, Ephesians 5:19-20, 2 Corinthians 3:5, 1 Corinthians 10:12
35:52 / 40:40 M0000355 Cornerstone 220315-A - think, thinking, thoughts, balance, balanced, mind, aim, today, interrupt, negative, remove, removal, removed, need

Boss Your Bucks --- Topical-- Ecclesiastes 5:19, Ecclesiastes 5:10, Deuteronomy 28:44, Psalm 62:10b, Psalm 37:16, Proverbs 11:28, Proverbs 11:4, Proverbs 3:9, Proverbs 22:3, Genesis 41:33-37, Malachi 3:8-10, 1 Corinthians 9:14, 1 Timothy 6:10, 1 Timothy 6:6-8, Matthew 6:24, Matthew 6:19-20, Hebrews 13:5
47:49 / 49:45 Here is the outline for this message with brief comments. M0000373 Cornerstone 060915-P - Ecclesiastes, King Solomon, vanity of vanities, vexation, self centered, selfishness, selfish, death, material goods, pleasures, lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes, pride of life, fear of God, obey, obedience, duty, surrender, surrendered

Build It! --- Nehemiah 8:15-18
49:00 / 53:22 M0000337 Cornerstone 261014-A - booths, obey, obedience, joy, joyous, tabernacles, feast of booths, feast of tabernacles, return, reflect, restore, rest, reflection, restoration, reinforce, reinforcement, reinforcements, Word of God, study, read, memorize, apply, Israel

Challenged To Remember --- Isaiah 43:16-26a
51:37 M0000049 Cornerstone 180710-A Christ, progress, salvation, forgiveness, removal of sin, graciousness, obey, obedience

Change Into His Majesty, Philippians 2:5-9
23:25 / 53:45 M0000004 Bradford House 210210- godliness, godly, holiness, holy

Children Of Power ---1 John 5:4
21:07 / 26:09 Here is the outline for this message with brief comments. M0000408 Cornerstone at Mallard Bay 050616-A victory, ability, sons, sonship, power, potential, worst sinners, worst sinner, sinful, Christ within, victory over the world, victorious

Choose Eternally, Mark 13:28-31
17:24 M0000001 Office 250110- Christ, commit, commitment, damnation, grace, salvation

Christ In The Midst Of The Church --- Topical Revelation 2 to 3
50:53 / 55:26 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000471 Cornerstone 011017-P Christianity, Catholic Church, Church history, prophecy, prophetic, Revelation, seven churches, Protestant Reformation, cheap grace, Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamos, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia, Laodicea, Nicolaitins

Come On In Jesus, Make Yourself A Home --- Topical Revelation 3:20 et al.
50:07 / 56:51 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000453 Cornerstone 210517-P Holy Spirit, Holy Ghost, indwelling, dwelling, spiritual growth, Word of God, worship, prayer, communion, fellowship, personal relationship, demons, demonic forces, seven spirit, swept and put in order, swept and garnished, worship, praise, loving God

Control Your Soul --- Matthew 6:25-34
47:52 / 58:39 The outline for this message with brief comments. M0000391 Cornerstone 280216-P life, Jesus Christ, kingdom of God, righteousness, earthly, eternal, seek ye first the kingdom of God, kingdom, soul, affection, affections, care, worry, one day at a time, clothing, money, mammon, wealth

Core Principles Of Discipleship --- Matthew 16:24
49:50 / 54:49 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000456 Cornerstone 020717-P discipleship, self denial, cross, follow me, following Christ, crucified, new creation, disciple, discipled, corrective, directive, new creature, follow Christ, apostles, prophets. doctor, humility

Cries of the Hour: Judgment, Revelation 10:1-4
44:33 / 48:25 M0000179 Cornerstone 180312-A The Antichrist, The False Prophet, The Great Tribulation, Revelation, judgment, the time of Jacob’s trouble, rainbow, seven thunders, land and sea, prophecy, end times

Cries of the Hour: Time and Mercy, Revelation 10:5-11
50:25 / 57:15 M0000180 Cornerstone 180312-P The Antichrist, The False Prophet, The Great Tribulation, Revelation, judgment, the time of Jacob’s trouble, rainbow, seven thunders, land and sea, prophecy, end times

Cross Over, Colossians 1:13-14
41:27 M0000092 Cornerstone 171110-A darkness, delivered, kingdom, salvation, satan, son

Crucify And Rise --- Topical
1:09:48 / 01:15:14 M0000312 Cornerstone 040514-P - deny, denying, mortify, kill, put off, cut off, put on, Spirit led, Holy Spirit, Adam, Christ, denying self, life, Paul, Peter, Onesimus, Jews, Gentiles, personal convictions

Deep Devotion --- | or Copy title and place in player below Jonah 2:8-9
53:35 / M0000223 Cornerstone 021212-P thanksgiving, praise, thanks, sacrificial, sacrifice of praise, Jesus Christ, disregard, idols, determine, serving God, service to God, rejoicing, rejoice

Defy The Killer Heat --- | or Copy title and place in player below Jeremiah 17:7-8
53:07/57:32 M0000136 Cornerstone 070811- world, world system, persecution, trouble, troubles, tribulation, conquer, victory

Delight In The Dawning --- | or Copy title and place in player below. 2 Peter 1:19
46:17 / 49:25 Outline to this message with brief comments. Also, you might also be interested in reading What To Do When The Night Comes When No Man Can Work which I will try to republish sometime. M0000292 Cornerstone 190114-P - day, sunrise, star, morning star, day star, Jesus Christ, secure, sober mind, savor, savoring, light, shine, shining, dark, darkness

Deliverance Delivered --- Luke 1:71-75
44:45 / 48:20 Outline to this message with brief comments. M0000347 Cornerstone 211214-P -freed, freedom, mercy, holiness, holy, righteousness, righteous, grace, grace of God, Christ, incarnation

Despite The Darkness --- 2 Chronicles 33:1-34:13
36:26 / 41:08Waiting on the online publisher to publish the article M0000077 Cornerstone at Mallard Bay 040115-A- King Josiah, Judah, Israel, sin, Baal, Ashtaroth, cleanse, purge, cleansing, purging, destroy, destroying, repair, remove, removes, removal, restore, restores, restoration

Destiny of Merciful Love John 17:16-19 (17 & 19)
58:43 M0000160 Cornerstone 041211-P desire, destined, choice, salvation, distinction, disinfection, holy, sanctify, glory, glorified, venerate, venerated, venerable, sanctification

Diligent Heed --- | or Copy title and place in player below. Joshua 22:5
40:24 / 45:18 M0000255 Cornerstone 230613-A - obey, love, walk, keep, cling, serve, fully surrender, heed, listen, obedience, life, live, faith, full surrender

Does It Have To Be Jesus? --- 1 Timothy 6:16c-e
51:58 / 57:54 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000483 Cornerstone 070118-P unapproachable light, dwelling, existence of God, accessible, holiness, inaccessible, pantheism, Roman Catholic, Catholicism, holy, pure, access, inability, logos, Elohim, Jehovah, YHVH, YHWH

Don't Miss Out, 1 Corinthians 12:7
54:42 / 59:22 M0000086 Cornerstone 051210- baptism of the Holy Spirit, gifts of the Spirit, used, power, church, body of Christ

Don't Sin. Win! --- Topical - poetical: 2 Peter 1:4d, Epheshians 1:7-8, 1 John 5:3-5
53:48 / 58:31 M0000335 Cornerstone 091214-A - redemption, salvation, overcome, overcomes, overcometh, son, child, children, world

Do The Power Walk --- | or Copy title and place in player below. Ephesians 2:10
33:01 / 37:14 M0000248 Cornerstone 280413-A power, life, living, holiness, holy, godly, godliness, workmanship, craftsmanship, provision, path, results, production, betterment

Dynamics Of Biblical Love --- 1 John 5:1-3
33:31 / 38:38 M0000298 Cornerstone at Mallard Bay 160214-A - agape, God, Christians, source, obey, obedience, word, Word of God, sin, holy, holiness,

Dynamics Of Christ's Coming Kingdom --- | or Copy title and place in player below. Zechariah 14:16
50:25 / 52:47 M0000270 Cornerstone 150913-A - obey, honor, observe, obedience, worship, observance, Middle East, Israel, incarnation, Christ, King, Lord of Hosts, Feast Of Tabernacles, Feast Of Booths, peace, millennial reign

Dynamics Of Divine Healing --- Psalm 30:2
27:42 / 32:02 M0000317 Cornerstone at Mallard Bay 010614-A - miraculous, miracle, miracles, sovereign, sovereignty of God, power, YHWH, YHVH, Jehovah, The Existing One, plead, request, earnest, earnestness, personal relationship, priority, perform, performance, mental, emotional, spiritual, wellness, well-being

Dynamics Of The Door Exodus 12:7 and John 10:9
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41:26 / 52:05 M0000146 Cornerstone 021011-P Passover, blood, lamb, Lamb of God, salvation, redemption

Dynamics Of The New Birth --- John 3:3, 5-8
33:35 / 37:24 Here is the outline for this message with brief comments. M0000372 Cornerstone at Mallard Bay 020815-A - Holy Spirit, spirit led, direction, empowerment, born again, new birth, Nicodemus, Jesus Christ, salvation, holy, holiness, distinctive

Dynamo Of Thanks --- Colossians 4:2-4
47:53 / 55:33 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000478 Cornerstone 191117-P prayer, watching, praise, thanksgiving, perseverance, steadfastness, intercession, pray, praying, watch, watchful, discernment, Spirit directed prayer, Spirit directed ministry, persevere, power, mercy, merciful, perceive, perception, intercede, interceding, praising

Eight Steps for Powerful Blessings, 2 Chronicles 17:1-6
42:00 / 46:04 M0000011 Cornerstone 140310-A defend, fear of the Lord, obey, protect, Bible, blessing, God, Jehoshaphat, obedience, fortify, fortified

Eight Things We Don't Know Topical Based on Deuteronomy 29:29
38:57 / 44:12 M0000172 Cornerstone 050212-A prophecy, return of Christ, rapture, death, accountable, accountability, child, children, hell, heaven, Eternal Life, torment, torments, joys, joy, God's works, breakthrough, backslide, backsliding, backslider, backsliders

Elements Of Christlike Joy --- Philippians 2:3-9a
50:14 / 55:10 And, for added information on this passage please see, M0000321 Cornerstone 220614-A - humility, humble, humbled, escape, esteem, endeavor, embrace, mind of Christ, fruit of the Spirit, servant, service, servanthood, deity of Christ, morphe, form of God, nature of God

Elements of Christ's Return Matthew 24:36, 42-51
45:20 / 49:18 M0000174 Cornerstone 091011-P mark of the Beast, return of Christ, end of the age, rapture, redemption, salvation, sovereignty, surprise, service, sorrow, snare, parable, Antichrist, False Prophet

Elements Of Real Discipleship --- Matthew 10:34-39
53:29 / 58:41 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000412 Cornerstone 030716-P soul, devotion, dedication, decisions, variance, determination, commitment, love, agapao, agape, phileo, divisions, death, deaths, crucified with Christ, crucified, co-crucified, Galatians 2:20, disciple, disciples, discipleship, transubstantiation, flirting, hugging, kissing, alcohol, movies, conscience, cross, crosses, rise, risen, resurrection, Roman Catholic, same sex marriage, homosexuality, divorce, divorce and remarriage, polygamy

Elements Of Sacrificial Praise --- Hebrews 13:15
49:21 / 53:07 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000429Cornerstone 241116-P sacrifice of praise, thanks, thanksgiving, grace, sacrifices, life of Christ, salvation, Hebrews, Temple, Jews, Jewish

Elements of the Incarnation Numbers 29:12-13
53:11 / 59:16 M0000147 Cornerstone 091011-P birth of Christ, feast of tabernacles, feast of booths, Sukkot

Elements Of True Commitment To Christ ---John 21:15-22
29:52 / 34:08 Here is the outline for this message with brief comments. M0000401 Cornerstone at Mallard Bay170416-A love, foundation, following, devotion, faithfulness, dedication, follow, devote, devoted, devotee, dedicate, dedicated, determine, determination, agapao, agape, phileo, devotedly, committed, commit, fully surrendered

Elements Of True Love For God That Brings Full And Final Deliverance --- Psalm 31:23-24
47:10 / 50:47 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000461 Cornerstone 230717-P trust, trusting God, waiting, waiting on God, faithfulness, worship, obedience

Elements Of Victory --- Psalm 119:9-16
46:32 / 50:54 Outline to this message with brief comments. M0000369 Cornerstone 240515-A - obey, commit, wholehearted, meditate, meditation, Scriptures, Word of God, Holy Bible, take heed, listen, treasure, treasuring, tenacity, teachability, tell, telling, trumpeting, think, thinking, thoughts, thought life, victorious, Supreme Court, homosexual marriage, same sex marriage, leap second, rotation of the earth, science, Southern Baptist Convention, Franklin Graham, divorce, homosexuality, homosexuals

Empowered In Christ, Exodus 12:1-11
48:15 / 52:41 M0000159 Cornerstone 041211-A propitiation, sacrifice, Passover, our portion, prepared, protected, predominate, purposed

Encounter The Shepherd --- John 10:27
35:13 / 30:48 M0000295 Cornerstone at Mallard Bay 190114-A - sheep, needy, hear, hearing, surrender, obey, intimate, care, the voice of God, the voice of Christ, know, follow, following

Endure Unto Triumph, James 1:12
59:53 M0000166 Cornerstone 010112-A trial, trials, temptation, temptations, trouble, troubles, test, testing, approved, dokimos

Enjoy Perpetual Spiritual Springtime --- Psalm 1:1-3
30:16 / 34:30 Outline to this message with brief comments. M0000360 Cornerstone at Mallard Bay 190415-A - blessed, Psalm 1, flee, feed, flourish, meditate, ungodly, fleeing, fled, feeding, fed, flourishing, spring, springtime, fruit, fruition, fruit of the Spirit, law of God, Word of God, meditation

Enriched By Christ, John 1:16
43:45 / 46:45 M0000149 Cornerstone 231011-A incarnation, tabernacle, tabernacled, Feast of Tabernacles, Feast of Booths, grace for grace, grace upon grace, anti, trusteeship, treasure, testimony

Escape From Falsehood --- Psalm 144:7-10
53:12 / 59:27 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000443Cornerstone 120317-P lying, lies, imaginary, world, rescue, salvation, truth, fake news, transgenderism, evolution, apostles, prophets, prophecies, signs, wonders, the beast, the Antichrist, the false prophet, prophecies, prophets, miracles, healing, healings, miracle

Escape From Hell, Mark 9:42-49, Matthew 18:8-9
50:06 M0000087 Cornerstone 121210-A cut off, foot, hand, pluck out, eye, crucifixion, obey, protect, hell, sin

Essentials For Battle --- Isaiah 21:5
48:27 / 51:08 M0000305 Cornerstone 060414-P - tower, watchtower, table, fellowship, discern, discernment, discerning, shield, faith, oil, Holy Spirit, Holy Ghost, hear, listen, spiritual warfare, darts

Eternal Choices For Your Soul --- 1 John 2:15-17
51:36 / 57:21 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000423 Cornerstone 091016-P lust, pride, flesh, eyes, Father God, loving God, love, world, command, commands, delight, delights, warn, warning, warnings, pass away, will of God, abide, abideth, abides, dwell, dwells, Aurora, grave, Cambridge, MD

Evacuation Route From Hell --- | or Copy title and place in player below. Proverbs 15:24
55:02 / 01:02:53 M0000258 Cornerstone 140713-P - life, upward, wise, escape, hell, entrapment, sin, bondage

Every Christian Ought To Have A Mighty Big Nose --- Song Of Solomon 7:4g-i
51:45 / 56:32 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000437Cornerstone 220117-P judge, judging, discern, discerning, discernment, discerning of spirits, voice of God, Holy Spirit, tower, towers, tower of Lebanon, Syria, danger, spiritual danger, prophet, prophets, false prophets, antichrist, antichrists 125x125 banner, image is updated by season.

Facets Of Godly Repentance --- | or Copy title and place in player below Proverbs 3:11-12, Hebrews 12:5-6 and 12-15
56:42 / 1:00:53 M0000236 Cornerstone 240213-A repent, repentance, repenting, correction, discipline, chasten, chastening, chastise, chastisement, scourge, love, affection, loving, caring, direction, directions, godly, despise, weary, faint

Facets Of Joy --- | or Copy title and place in player below Psalm 33:1-5
38:08 M0000207 Cornerstone 190812-A joy, rejoice, command, praise, joyful, joyfulness, commanded, commandment, directive, praising, praiseworthy, joyous, comely, beautiful, upright, Sovereign Citizen (21:56), Sovereign Citizens (21:56), creative, creating, cause, reason

Faces Of The Holy Spirit --- | or Copy title and place in player below John 14:16-18
51:48 / 52:50 M0000197 Cornerstone 240612-A adoption, Holy Spirit, Comforter, pneuma, Holy Ghost, spirits, demons, paraklete, guide, guidance, Spirit of Truth, third person of the Trinity, Trinity, trichotomy, wind, force, advocate, R. C. Cunningham

Faith In Action --- Acts 19:18-20
50:30 / 57:14 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000462 Cornerstone 300717-P dedication, purging, cleansing, demonstration of faith, Word of God, Holy Bible, written Word, magic, deception, false translations, bad translations, Message Bible, Canaanites

Faith Rewarded --- | or Copy title and place in player below Psalm 37:3
46:36 M0000217 Cornerstone 141012-A faith, faithfulness, faithful, trust, trusting, good, goodness, abide in Christ, dwell in Christ, be fed, feed, blessed, God

Faith Walk --- Job 23:8-12
28:25 / 31:21 M0000336 Cornerstone at Mallard Bay 051014-A - Job, trouble, trial, test, testing, perception, perceive, perfect, perfection, perpetuate, perpetuation, keep, kept, personal responsibility, gold

Fatherly Highlights Of Joseph --- Matthew 1:19-20, 24-25, 2:13-14, 19, 22-23
27:45 / 32:44 M0000320 Cornerstone at Mallard Bay 150614-A - dad, daddy, godly, Fathers Day, submissive, receptive, sensitive, sensitivity, contemplative, pensive, protect, protective, protector, protection, perceive, perceptive, receive, voice of God, Mary, Jesus Christ, virgin birth, marriage, marry, children, family, families, men, man, household

Feast Of Freedom --- Deuteronomy 31:10-13
35:09 / 37:35 Here is the outline for this message with brief comments. M0000377 Cornerstone at Mallard Bay Nursing Home 270915-A - fear of God, revelation, release, liberation, revere, free, revealing, releasing, revealing, liberating, freeing, reverence, Holy Bible, spoken Word, Word of God, obey, obedience, obey, obeying, fear, fearful, love, loving

Fellowship of Victory, Psalm 118:27-29
36:01 / 39:12 M0000016 Cornerstone 300310- triumphal entry, triumph, dedication

Fighting Steps --- 1 Peter 5:6-10
52:36 / 55:42 M0000275 Cornerstone 300913-P - humility, humble, vigilant, sober, casting your care, cast your care, resist, grace, peace, trouble, trials, persecution, care, cares, anxiety, anxieties

Fight The Wind --- Isaiah 7:1-9
51:45 / 55:51 Here is the outline for this message with brief comments. M0000390 Cornerstone 100116-P fear, faith, scary, frightful, frightening, trouble, faithfulness, trust, trusting, believe, believing, believed, belief, fearing, fearful, fearfulness, scared, scaring, fright, frightened, troubled, troubling, tribulation, win, winning, victory, human, man, pass away, world, earth, wisdom, warn, warning, warnings, Immanuel, Jesus Christ, vex, vexing, vexed, tree, trees, wind, force, Psalm 1

Five Aspects Of A Godly Mother --- | or Copy title and place in player below. Luke 1 selected
45:26 M0000120 Cornerstone 080510- Mothers Day, Elisabeth, faith, faithful, faithfulness, spirit filled, obedient, joy, joyous -- Read a Mothers Day article on Elizabeth

Five Elements Of Worship, Psalm 63
33:32 M0000084 Bradford House 281110- worship, desire, effort, praise

Five Ingredients For A Loving Attitude Toward God, Psalm 19:13a, 14
36:07 / 43:52 M0000171 Cornerstone 050212-P secret sins, secret fault, hold back, acceptable, pleasing to God, words, meditation, thinking, thanksgiving, thank God, glorify God, glorifying God, the Word of God, the Holy Bible

Five Nutrients for Spiritual Health, Colossians 3:14-17
41:15 / 49:47 M0000163 Cornerstone 181211-P risen with Christ, growing in Christ, love, loving God, peace, peaceful, peacefulness, thanksgiving, thank God, glorify God, glorifying God, the Word of God, the Holy Bible

Five Places You Need To Be In --- 1 Corinthians 15:33-34
43:04 / 53:59 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000439Cornerstone 050217-P under His wings, wings of God, shelter, refuge, secret place, covert, dwell, abide, rock, tower, towers, tabernacle, tabernacled, bird, birds, deity of Christ, Christ is God, hen, chicks, Jerusalem

Five Powerful Steps For The Promised Land --- Deuteronomy 4:1-2
52:43 / 57:06 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000479 Cornerstone 031217-P obedience, listen, fear of God, victory, victorious, life, Eternal Life, word of God, hearken, obey, prophets, translations, versions

Fix It! --- | or Copy title and place in player belowTopical
45:40 / 50:46 M0000253 Cornerstone 160613-P - devotion, Christ, close, closeness, crucify, crucified, commission, commissioned, agenda, captivate, captivated, prayer, worship, praise, adoration, God, prayerful

Focus Your Faith --- | or Copy title and place in player below Matthew 6:33-34
59:43 / M0000143 Cornerstone 250911-A trust, pressure, trials, needs, wants, money, mammon, salvation, seek first the kingdom of God, worry, worrying about tomorrow, fear, anxiety, scared, anxious

Focus Your Gratefulness To God --- Psalm 22:22-25
48:51 / 51:16 Here is the outline for this message with brief comments. M0000385 Cornerstone 291115-A - thanksgiving, grateful, Christ, God, salvation, sin, praise, praising, thank, thanks, thanking, glorify, glorifying, fear, fear of God, antichrist, Obama, Trump, judgment of God

Four Dimensions Of Faith --- Luke 5:18-20a
25:58 / 29:27 Outline to this message with brief comments. M0000348 Cornerstone at Mallard Bay 180115-A - faith, determination, perseverance, love, trust, diligence

Four Dimensions Of Godly Growth --- | or Copy title and place in player below Romans 5:3-5
40:30 / M0000224 Cornerstone 021212-P character, perseverance, trouble, hope, troubles, tribulation, experience, trial, trials, proven, proof

Four Dimensions Of Relating To God --- | or Copy title and place in player below
, Topical
59:18 / 1:00:39 M0000161 Cornerstone 111211-P --religion, relationship, servant, servants, minster, ministers, son, sonship, sons, friend, friends, friendship, bride of Christ

Four Dimensions Of The Horror Of The Cross --- | or Copy title and place in player below Psalm 22:1-3
37:36 M0000215 Cornerstone at Redeemer Presbyterian Church 051012-P repentance, sacrifice of Christ, cross of Christ, passion of Christ, death of Christ, sin, sin nature, death, forsaken, my God, imputation, atonement, propitiation, holiness of God, wrath of God, Father, Son, Holy Spirit, Holy Ghost, cup, bread, wine, juice, David, true sorrow, repent, repenting, true repentance, true repenting, sinful, sinfulness, death on the cross, Trinity, Godhead, curse, cursed, cursedness, accursed

Four Elements Of Spiritual Maturity --- Topical
33:22 M0000302 Cornerstone at Mallard Bay 160314-A - seek, seeking, set, setting, soul, affection, affections, slay, crucify, kill, mortify, surpass, surpassing, slaying, killing, mortifying, self, sin

Four Elements of Strength, Psalm 86:11-17
43:43 / 49:34 M0000154 Cornerstone 061111-P request, revere, resort, receive, trust, supplication, prayer, worship, praise

Fourfold Gift --- Luke 2:30-32
51:03 M0000290 Cornerstone At Mallard Bay 151213-A - incarnation, Simeon, Christmas, salvation, Christ, Messiah, birth of Christ, storehouse, shining, sharing, plumb, plumbline

Four Ingredients For Christians --- | or Copy title and place in player below. Philippians 2:1-4
37:58 / 48:03 M0000230 Cornerstone 270113-A bearing, building, blessing, consolation, peace, unity, fellowship of the Spirit, mercy, mercies, mind of Christ, bear, bless, build, beseech, beseeching

Four Steps To Final Victory, Revelation 2:10
46:35 / 49:08 M0000181 Cornerstone 010412-A victorious, persecution, persecuted, temptation, tribulation, tried, tested, tempted, trial, victory, future, fortitude, perseverance, persevere, attain, attainment, fine, finest

Four Tools For Giant Killing, 1 Samuel 17:40
46:23 / 49:58 M0000185 Cornerstone 150412-A Satan, intimidation, bullying, giant, spiritual warfare, authority, sonship, Holy Bible, Word of God, heart, faith, faithful, experience, intimidate, worry, fear, temptation, devil

Four Verses To Foster Godly Sorrow For True Repentance ---Topical: 2 Corinthians 7:10, 2 Corinthians 5:21, 1 Peter 3:18, Philippians 2:5-8, and Galatians 3:13
32:14 / 41:00 Here is the outline for this message with brief comments. M0000395 Cornerstone at Mallard Bay 060316-A repent, sin, sorrowful, remorse, imputation, shame, curse, suffering, pain, agony, physical, spiritual, soul, cross, cursed, accursed, imputation, despise

Four Views Of The Cross, Exodus 12:22
34:18 / 39:47 M0000182 Cornerstone 050412-T cleansing blood, cross of Christ, cure, caution, curing, cleanse, cover, covering, Passover, lintel, doorposts

From Knowledge To Power ------- | or Copy title and place in player below. Psalm 89:11-18
50:34 / 54:52 M0000064 Cornerstone 190910-A pleasing God, hearing God’s voice, sovereignty of God, sovereign, attributes of God, qualities of God, Name of God, grow, growing, show, showing, know, knowing, knowledge, power, authority, obey, obedience, peace

From Trouble To Treasure --- | or Copy title and place in player below. Nehemiah 4:7-23
57:20 / 1:00:35 M0000257 Cornerstone 070713-A - trust, pray, watch, watching, discern, discernment, praying, prayerfulness, God, Christ, Word of God, Holy Spirit, triumph, victory, vigilance, vigilant, righteous, righteousness, cleansing, wisdom, dedication

From Wilderness To Wonder ---Matthew 3:3c-e
30:07 / 33:25 Here is the outline for this message with brief comments. M0000405 Cornerstone at Mallard Bay150516-A kingdom of heaven, kingdom of God, decision, hell, remedy, power, cure, John The Baptist, wrath, The Great Tribulation

From Worry To Worship --- | or Copy title and place in player below. Habakkuk
52:36 / 1:03:35 M0000266 Cornerstone 180813-P - worship, worshiping, praise, praising, worry, worries, complain, complaining, complaints, watch, wait, watching, watches, listen, listening

Garden Encounter --- Genesis 3:8, 9 & 11, 15, 21
53:23 / 58:00 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000464 Cornerstone 130817-P sin, sin nature, Godhead, Trinity, provision, probing, promise, presence, Adam, Eve, original sin, depraved, total depravity, Messiah, sacrifice, atonement

Get All Our Father's Fulness --- | or Copy title and place in player below. Romans 8:14-18
54:33 / tba M0000254 Cornerstone 300613-P - adoption, Spirit, led, leading, receive, achieve, Holy Spirit, Holy Ghost, Baptism of the Holy Ghost, speaking n tongues, grace of God, Abba, Father, glory, glorified

Get Into The Godly Habit Of Godly Expression --- Ephesians 5:18-20
52:55 / 1:02:35 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000419 Cornerstone 280816-P meditate, meditation, think, thoughts, thinking, talking to yourself, thought, works of God, Word of God, God, talk to yourself
Special note: Upon listening to the recording I noticed that I misspoke at least twice. The first occurrence is around 14:45 where I said that everyone is made righteous in Christ. I meant to say everyone is made righteous in Christ who have put their trust in Him. Next, around 29:00 I mentioned the Watchtower society will add a word to certain verses in Colossian, but then, around 29:30, I referred to John 1:1.

Get Into The Godly Habit Of Praising And Worshiping God --- Topical Psalm 34:1, Psalm 29:2, Psalm 150:6, Psalm 22:3, Isaiah 61:3, Habakkuk 3:17-19
59:26 / 1:12:42 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000411 Cornerstone 260616-P majestic presence of God, power, empowerment, heaviness, strength, strengthen, peace, attributes of God, command, commanded, praise the Lord, comely, beautiful, empowering, spiritual warfare

Get Into The Godly Habit Of Praying --- Topical - Romans 12:12c, Ephesians 6:18, Luke 6:12
51:22 / 55:01 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000422 Cornerstone 021016-P prayer, pray, without ceasing, commune with God, fellowship with God, watch, watching, watchings, prayerful, Spirit led, Spirit led prayer, supplication, supplications, breath, breathe, breathing, breathing, inspired, inspired by God, God-breathed, ask, asking, listen, listening, speak, speaking

Get Into The Godly Habit Of Studying God's Word --- Psalm 119:97-104
54:34 / 58:22 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000417 Cornerstone 210816-P kingdom of God, righteousness, peace, joy, Christ, peacefulness, righteous, joyful, joyfulness, peaceful, conscience, world, blameless joy

Get Into The Godly Habit Of Thanking God --- Topical, LT is 1 Thessalonians 5:18 and around fifteen more passages. Second in a series of getting into godly habits
51:37 / 56:46 Here is the outline for this message with brief comments. M0000402 Cornerstone 240416-P thanks, thanksgiving, sacrifice of thanks, gratitude, presence of God, reward, feel, feelings, faith, praise, thanking, holy, holiness, mercy, merciful, salvation, grace, saved, reward, habits, holy habit, holy habits, godly habit, godly habits

Get Into The Presence Of God --- Topical Genesis 2:7, Genesis 2:17, Genesis 3:15, Genesis 3:21, John 6:63, 1 Corinthians 15:45, 1 Peter 3:18
49:02 / 52:22 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000469 Cornerstone 170917-P omnipresent, personal, spiritual realities, throne room of God, majesty of God, fellowship, communion, worship, praise, adoration

Get Into The Son ---1 John 1:1-5
34:56 / 39:02 Here is the outline for this message with brief comments. M0000399 Cornerstone at Mallard Bay 030416-A love, life, live, fellowship, holiness, joy, gnosticism, fantom, holy, light, darkness, Christ, Word, Word of God, Word of Life, zoe, bios, abundant life, Eternal Life

Get Out Of The Dust --- Psalm 113:7-9
50:49 / 55:38 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000425 Cornerstone 231016-P failure, hopeless, shame, hope, victory, purpose, rise, reign, rule, replenish, mercy, mercy of God, salvation, rescue, ash heap, dunghill, rubbish heap, poor, needy, need, dung, depression

Get Out Of The Wilderness --- Hebrews 4:9-16
58:08 / 01:00:49 M0000331 Cornerstone 090714-P - Jesus, Christ, God, disciple, Egypt, cease, self, stop, rest, run, obey, resort, throne of grace, the epistle to the Hebrews, resolve, Joshua, Caleb, Moses, Jews, sabbath

Get The Only Really Good Life --- Psalm 16:11
49:14 / 56:27 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000458 Cornerstone 250617-P joy, fruit of the Spirit, presence of God, right hand of God, immovable, unmoveable, salvation, pleasures, authority, follow, flourish, firmly hold

Get These Now! --- | or Copy title and place in player below 1 Thessalonians 5:6-10
49:03 / 51:22 M0000221 Cornerstone 041112-A alert, awake, sober, vigilant, aware, away, award, awarded, active, wrath of God, sin, sinful, sober, sleep, children of the day, salvation, Christ, drunk, drunkeness, filled with the Spirit, Holy Spirit, Holy Ghost

Get The Spirit of Victory, 2 Timothy 1:7
Related Items:
49:44 /57:01 M0000145 Cornerstone 021011-P Holy Spirit, fear, sound mind, love, peace, power, dunamis, life, listen, follow

Get Wisdom's Blessings --- | or Copy title and place in player below Proverbs 8:32-36
54:02 / 57:32 M0000245 Cornerstone 070413-P wisdom, Proverbs, blessed, life, blessing, blessings, reward, hear, hearken, listen, watch, wait, watching, waiting, guard, guarding, gates, Christ

Give Thanks To God For God, 1 Chronicles 29:11 and 13
56:06 M0000083 Cornerstone 211110-A God, blessings, thanks, thanksgiving, blesses, attributes

Give Thanks To The God Who Blesses, 1 Chronicles 29:12-13
31:27 M0000081 Cornerstone 211110-A God, blessings, thanks, thanksgiving, blesses

Go After Godliness --- | or Copy title and place in player below. 2 Timothy 3:12-17
56:22 M0000076 Cornerstone 311010-A godliness, godly, persecution, perseverance, growth in Christ, Bible, deception, persecution, shame, Holy Bible, Holy Scriptures, antichrist, antichrists, shame, salvation, Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart, Rally to Restore Sanity

God Of Mercy --- Psalm 130
31:51 / 36:09 M0000327 Cornerstone at Mallard Bay 030814-A - forgive, forgiveness, forgiven, redeemed, redemption, hear, hears, offer help, heal, heals, healing, Israel, salvation, plenty, plenteous, abundant, abundance, abundantly

God Reaches In Mercy --- Psalm 146:7c-94
32:12 / 35:45 Here is the outline for this message with brief comments. M0000376 Cornerstone at Mallard Bay 130915-A - free, liberate, loose, release, guards, preserve, frees, liberates, looses, releases, guard, preserves, keep, keeps, grace, blind, raise, raises, bowed down, heavy, trouble, troubles, problems, sin, sins, sin nature, love, loves, loving, righteous, care, caring

God’s Beautiful Gifts Of Himself To Us --- 2 Corinthians 13:14
52:00 / 58:00 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000463 Cornerstone 060817-P grace, fellowship, communion, love of God, Trinity, Godhead, subordination, salvation, Holy Spirit, Holy Ghost, pneuma, divorce and remarriage

God's Might In Man ---Isaiah 25:4
34:12 / 38:59 Here is the outline for this message with brief comments. M0000394 Cornerstone at Mallard Bay 220216-A strength, wall, refuge, harbor, protection, security, shield, within, without, around, Abraham, Tyre, Sidon, Zidon, Babylon, world system, satan, demons, force, power, wind, rain, water, storm, pressure, decay, demonic, devil

God's Mother Of Pearl --- | or Copy title and place in player below2 Corinthians 12:7-10. This is a sequel to Guard Your Pearls!
31:34 M0000008 Bradford House 120210- grace of God, thorn in the flesh, trouble, ability, strength, weakness, strong, weak, ask, asking, hear, hearing, prayer, praying, prayerful, prayerfulness, trials, troubles, testing, Apostle Paul, sermon outline, message outline

God's Remedy Of Thanks, Ephesians 4:27, 5:4e
49:13 M0000157 Cornerstone 201111-P salvation, obey, avoid sin, avoid sinning, stop sinning, course jesting

God's Will For You Now, Topical
43:49 / 48:01 M0000173 Cornerstone 120212-A occupy, transform, silence, thankful, thankfulness, salvation, obey, avoid sin, avoid sinning, stop sinning

God Your Pal --- Topical
30:59 / 37:37 M0000314 Cornerstone at Mallard Bay 080514-A - friendship, fellowship, provider, provision, provided, assure, assurance, assured, love, loving,lover, salvation, Christ

Go Straight Upstream --- 1 Timothy 6:20-21, 11-12
54:14 / 58:07 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000415 Cornerstone 240716-P grace, controversy, controversies, ability, guard, false science, Eternal Life, godliness, righteousness, faith, love, perseverance, gentleness, meekness, hermaphrodite, transgender, trangendered, cults

Grace's Voice Of Liberty --- | or Copy title and place in player below. 1 Peter 5:6-10
26:31 / 30:34 M0000276 Cornerstone at Mallard Bay 061013-A - freed, free, liberated, liberate, freedom, call, caution, care, course, grace of God, grace, fruit of the Spirit, Holy Spirit

Grateful Responses To God --- Psalm 118:27-29
36:29 / 45:43 M0000287 Cornerstone 020214-P - thanks, thanksgiving, receive, revere, rejoice, reverence, exalt, mercy, love, fellowship, holy

Guard Your Conscience --- | or Copy title and place in player below Acts 24:15-16
56:22 M0000205 Cornerstone 050812-A conscience, violated, conformity, non-conformity, violate, violating, consciences, excel, exert, judgment, just, unjust, General Anthony C. McAuliffe, WWII, offend, offends, offense, offenses, offence, stumbling block, Obama, U.S.A. government, Supreme Court, Obamcare, abortion

Guard Your Mouth --- | or Copy title and place in player belowEphesians 6:18
46:48 / 50:23 M0000251 Cornerstone 190513-P - speak, speaking, words, mouth, lips, saying, sayings, negative, positive, Christ, standard, heart, abundance of the heart, world, society, think, thinking

Guard Your Pearls! --- | or Copy title and place in player below Matthew 7:6
33:33 M0000002 Bradford House120210-advice, trials, trouble, unsaved, unspiritual, trial, trusting Christ, problem

Guard Your Soul --- | or Copy title and place in player below Psalm 25:1-2
53:55 M0000218 Cornerstone 141012-A soul, sin, sinning, iniquity, iniquities, seeking God, commit, commitment, trust, trusting

Hagar’s Deliverance From Despair --- Genesis 21:10, 14-20a
51:22 / 54:56 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000452 Cornerstone 140517-P Mothers Day, mother, Ishmael, eyes opened, desperation, parents, Arabs, Jews, Islam, public school system, revelation, consolation, wells, Christ, salvation, homosexual agenda, homosexuality, same-sex couples

Hark! The Herald!, Luke 2:11-12
52:05 / 56:57 M0000164 Cornerstone 251211-A salvation, obey, avoid sin, avoid sinning, stop sinning, liberator, Lord, Life, liberation, emancipation, emancipated, freed, freedom, rescue, Christmas

Have His Fire In Your Bones --- Jeremiah 20:7, 9, 11-12
29:17 / 34:03 Here is the outline for this message with brief comments. M0000382 Cornerstone at Mallard Bay Nursing Home 011115-A - persuade, induce, influence, Word of God, Gospel, immovable, inflame, induce, induction, persuaded, persuasion, passion, passionate, deceive, deceived, deception, inflamed, firm, solid, stubborn, Reformation Day, persecuted, persecution

Have Peace Through The Blood Of His Cross --- Colossians 1:19-23
49:33 / 53:06 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000455 Cornerstone 040617-P reconciliation, forgiveness, vengeance, fulness, soul, victimized, wisdom of God, forgiven, reconciled, injustice, desire, desires, lust, lusts, blood

Have Treasure In Trouble ---Psalm 25:20-21
31:03 / 34:35 Here is the outline for this message with brief comments. M0000403 Cornerstone at Mallard Bay010516-A trust God, refuge, integrity, upright, trials, tribulation, David, waiting on God, wait, devoted, devotion, uprightness, ashamed, shame, shamed, treasures

Have Simeon’s Holy Hankering --- Luke 2:25
51:55 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000434Cornerstone 251216-P end times, Israel, hear God, salvation, Armageddon, Great Tribulation, Holy Spirit, Holy Ghost, Messiah, Christ, receptive, hearken, hearkening, listen, listening, just, devout, obedience, led by the Spirit, Simeon, incarnation, Christmas, the Beast, the man of sin, antichrist, 2016 election, Donald Trump, four blood moons, Jews, Jew, prophecy, eschatology, Joel 3, arms race, Putin, Russia

Healing Servant --- Isaiah 42:3
37:17 / 40:26 M0000352 Cornerstone 220215-A - bruise, bruised,crush, crushed, despair, despairing, beleaguered, battle, truth, judgment, justice, Moses, Gideon, Jeremiah

Heavenly Rescue --- John 3:13-15
51:51 / 55:35 M0000303 Cornerstone at Mallard Bay 230314-A - salvation, dedication, commitment, believe, believing, divine, holy, holiness, deliver, deliverance, delivered, lifted up, exalted, spirit, spiritual realities

Heed The Cry Of The Triumphant King ---Luke 13:34
26:54 / 29:43 Here is the outline for this message with brief comments. M0000397 Cornerstone at Mallard Bay 200316-A perceive, receive, achieve, believe, under his wings, Christ, Jerusalem, Jebus, threshing, threshing place, peace, teaching of peace, written Word, spoken Word, Holy Bible, Holy Spirit, preachers, ministers, YHVH, Jehovah, YVWH, proof of the deity of Christ, Psalm 91, commit, obey, follow through

He Is Worth The Price --- | or Copy title and place in player below. Matthew 13:45-46
47:14 / 51:55 M0000247 Cornerstone 210413-P Christ, seek, sell, buy, seeking, selling, buying, reward, rewards, unique, uniqueness, sin, burdens, trouble, troubles, tribulation, pearl of great price, merchant, forsake all, follow

Herod’s Spirit Is Alive And Well --- Matthew 2:13
56:14 / 1:01:10 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000433Cornerstone 181216-P protect, Christ within you, growing in Christ, parable of the sower, seed, Christ Child, spiritual, Donald Trump, Temple, Jerusalem, election, antisemitism, persecution, Christmas, incarnation, RCC

He's Great, And Greatly To Be Praised --- | or Copy title and place in player below 1 Ch. 16:25 (cp Ps. 96:4), Ps. 48:1, 145:3
49:38 M0000211 Cornerstone 090912-A mercy of God, mercies of God, salvation, praise, praised, worship, worshiped, fear of God, fear of men, fear of man, magnificent, magnificence, majesty, majestic, unsearchable, glory of God

Holy Spirit Baptizer --- John 1:32-36
45:12 / 57:47 M0000318 Cornerstone 220614-P - receive, receiving, fill, filled, overflow, overflowing, remain, remaining, descend, descending, condescend, condescending, condescended, refresh, refreshing, refreshed, renew, renewing, renewed, release, releasing, released, dove, Jesus Christ, Trinity, Godhead, Son of God, Son of Man, obey, obedience

Honoring The God Of Martin Luther --- Psalm 34:6
49:51 / 55:59 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000475 Cornerstone 291017-P Protestant Reformation, providence, judge, redemption, redeemer, saved, finished work of Christ, Germany, sale of indulgences, Roman Catholic Church, purgatory, forgiveness, remission of sins

Interrupt Yourself, Ephesians 5:19
46:30 / 48:27M0000101 Cornerstone 060211- thoughts, worry, worries, talking, psalms, hymns, spiritual songs, melody, worship, mind, thinking

It Is Not About You Or Me, It Is All About God --- Matthew 6:13c-g
56:24 / 1:01:36 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000431Cornerstone 041216-P self, self-centeredness, self-centered, kingdom, power, glory, trusting God, vengeance, meekness, meek, trust, trusting, divorce, remarriage, cross

It's Great To Be Justified --- | or Copy title and place in player below Acts 13:35-41
43:05 / 46:16 M0000243 Cornerstone 033113-A resurrection, justification, salvation, righteous, justified, righteousness, suicide, God hater, Billy Graham, forgive, forgiveness, forgiven, imputation, Christ, cross, raised incorruptible, risen, David, Paul, despiser, despisers

Jesus In Our Midst --- Topical Matthew 18:20, Matthew 28:19-20, Hebrews 13:5-6, Revelation 1:13-18
50:23 / 56:06 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000470 Cornerstone 240917-P fellowship, communion, spiritual reality, service, presence of Christ, salvation, Yeshua, Christ, God, Son of God, Son of Man, deity, humanity

Joseph: A Leader In Faithfulness --- Genesis 37 to 41
45:08 / tba M0000279 Cornerstone at Mallard Bay 201013-A faithful, faithfulness, faith, obey, obedient, obedience, proclaim, private, praise, glory, problem, problems, prison, pain

Joshua: Commitments To Keep --- Joshua 23:6-11
26:07 / 30:15 is an article that touches upon this message. M0000364 Cornerstone at Mallard Bay 170515-A - commitment, commitments, keep, observe, do, obey, perform, love, courageous, God’s Word, Word of God, faith, fear, will of God, cling, clinging, alert, watch, alertness, watchful, watchfulness

Joshua's Shock Of His Life --- Joshua 5:13-15
50:19 / 54:42 M0000304 Cornerstone at Mallard Bay 310314-A - presume, presumption, presumptuous, sight, steps, speech, surrender, sanity, Jericho, YHWH, Captain, hosts, Lord

Joyous Oil Of Power --- Psalm 45:7-8
52:32 / 55:55 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000451 Cornerstone 070517-P joy, fruit of the Holy Spirit, Holy Ghost, righteousness, Godhead, anointing, anointed, anoint, anoints, myrrh, cassia, aloe, aloes, cross, suffering, victory

Judah (Praise) First!, Judges 1:1-9
48:00 / 52:22 M0000178 Cornerstone 110312A- praise God, praising God, worship, spiritual warfare, spirit realm, realm of the spirit, Holy Spirit, satan, resist the devil, praise, praised, hear, heard, sin, unresolved issues

Justice. Judgment. Jesus! - John 5:24-29
50:47 / 55:06 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000484 Cornerstone 140118-P deity of Christ, humanity of Christ, salvation, judge, Savior, substitution, resurrection, Godhead, Trinity, YHVH, YHWH, punishment, penalty, Billy Graham, salvation, saved, exclusiveness of Christ, Son of Man, sons of men, Son of God, sons of God, Adam

Keepers Will Be Kept By The Keeper --- Revelation 3:8d-f & 10
50:29 / 55:33 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000476 Cornerstone 051117-P church of Philadelphia, Great Tribulation, rapture, wrath of God, Word of God, patience, perseverance, little strength, mustard seed, stone cut without hands, despised, ignored

Kingdom Essentials --- John 3:1-8
34:55 / 39:19 M0000297 Cornerstone at Mallard Bay 020214-A - God, King, Christ, see, enter in, be, live, surrender, kingdoms, Spirit, Holy Spirit, Holy Ghost, impelled, directed, led, led by

Last Days Directives --- Isaiah 24:13-16
47:27 / 52:14 M0000280 Cornerstone 271013-P remnant, rejoice, rejoicing, righteous, righteousness, righteous, resilient, resilience, remember, second coming of Christ

Last Days Instruction | or Copy title and place in player below Luke 21:34-36
45:03 M0000202 Cornerstone 150712-A  | care, worry, burdened, fear, cares, worries, burden, burden, surfeiting, weight, weights, weighed down, depressed, depression, sin, sin nature, sinfulness, indulgence, indulging, carouse, carousing, wisdom, Word of God, pit, snare, watch, watching, watchings, walk with God, walking with God

Last Days Strategy For The Body - Part 1, Jude 20-21
41:41 M0000192 Cornerstone 270512-A eternal security, persevere, Holy Spirit, Spirit directed prayer, most holy faith, build, building, end times, perseverance, love of God, mercy, return of Christ

Last Days Strategy For The Body - Part 2, Jude 22-23
42:26 / 47:07 M0000193 Cornerstone 270512-P evangelize, evangelism, compassion, mercy, discrimination, discriminate, witness, witnessing, underwear, under garment, under garments

Leave The Gods Behind, Genesis 35:1-7
58:08 M0000195 Cornerstone 100612-A God speaks, hearing God, idolatry, Jacob, Israel, idols, purify, purge, purifying, idol, worship, fellowship

Let Christ's Spirit Blossom In You --- | or Copy title and place in player below. Luke 3:22, 4:1, 4:14
54:12 / 01:02:21 M0000259 Cornerstone 210713-P - Spirit, led, filled, Holy Spirit, Holy Ghost, Spirit filled, Spirit led, Jesus Christ, power, dunimis, dunamis, fruit of the Holy Spirit

Let King Jesus Lovingly Triumph In You --- Matthew 21:5
48:32 / 54:43 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000446 Cornerstone 090417-P meekness, burdens, mastery, majesty, mercy, prophecy, son, beast of burden, burden, sin, trouble, problem, problems, foal, Jews, Israel, Zechariah 9:9, Psalm 91

Life Directives From Jesus, John 6:38
44:42 / 47:50 M0000168 Cornerstone 22012-A abundant life, Word of God, Holy Bible, direction, will of God, not my will

Live High Because Of The High Price Christ Paid --- 1 Corinthians 6:20
53:23 / 56:38 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000432Cornerstone 111216-P body, spirit, redeemed, fornication, fornicate, healthy, holy, bought, paid, redeem, purchase, purchased, pay, payment, behave, behaved, behaving, belong, belonging

Live! Live! Live! Live!, John 6:53-58
51:16 / 53:55 M00000155 Cornerstone 131111- abundant life, eat my flesh, drink my blood, resurrection, new life, manna, will of Christ, Eternal Life, worship, praise, Word of God, Holy Bible

Lord Of All | or Copy title and place in player below. ---Topical
54:05 / 58:26 M0000269 Cornerstone 010913-P - leave, lean, live, learn, Lord, depend, dependence upon God

Lose It Or Lose It --- Matthew 16:25
50:36 / 55:18 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000427Cornerstone 061116-P life, soul, cross, deny, self, follow Christ, manner of living, conversation, desire, desires, cling, clinging, lost, losing, gain, gaining, life of Christ, martyr, martyrdom, martyrhood, prune, pruning, Roman Catholic, Roman Catholics, Roman Catholicism, Mary, Joseph, Peter, graven image, graven images, Mother Theresa, Ghandi

Loving Ways Of The Holy Spirit | or Copy title and place in player below ---John 16:13-15
54:50 / 1:01:30 M0000198 Cornerstone 240612-P guidance, guide, adoption, Holy Spirit, Comforter, pneuma, Holy Ghost, spirits, demons, paraklete, guide, guidance, Spirit of Truth, third person of the Trinity, Trinity, trichotomy, wind, force, advocate

Magnificent Mercy --- Titus 2:14
30:24 / 40:10 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000447 Cornerstone 130417-P substitution, substitute, redeem, redeemed, redemption, purify, purifies purification, mercies of God, merciful, Lord’s Supper, Holy Communion

Majestic Fortress --- Psalm 93
33:13 / 37:54 M0000282 Cornerstone at Mallard Bay 031113-A - reign, king, kingship, kingdom, kingdom of God, refuge, rest, peace, worship, peaceful, restful, worshiping, sea, restless, rumbling, rumblings

Make Fatso Fall! --- Judges 3:12-30
58:41 M0000361 Cornerstone 260415-P - Christ, Word of God, carnal, sin nature, sinful, Ehud, Eglon, Moab, Judges, determine, destroy, defy, defeat, defeated, defied, destroyed, determine, crucify, dagger, stab, stabbed

Make The Connection --- | or Copy title and place in player below Mark 15:34, John 20:17, Revelation 3:12
39:14 / 42:09 M0000018 Sunnyside Alliance, Secretary, MD 070410- - true repentance, sorrow, cross of Christ, death of Christ, sin, sinfulness, curse, Christ became a curse, Christ became sin, impute, imputation, repent, repentance, repenting, remorse, repentance, resolve, resolved, Resurrection, rise, forsaken, My God, deity of Christ, Godhead

Manage Your Mind, Psalm 104:33-35
48:53 M0000103 Cornerstone 200211-P thoughts, thought, thinking, control, trust, worship

Master's Plan --- Psalm 31:14-18
42:29 / 45:58 M0000353 Cornerstone 080315-A - trust, trouble, trials, time, times, treasure, treasured, treasuring, triumph, triumphing, triumphant, victory, victorious,Word of God, Holy Spirit

Meet Jesus Today --- Topical - Matthew 4:18-22, Mark 5:24-30, Luke 4:16-22c, 42, 19:2-10, John 4:4-26, 12:1-3
37:42 / 41:06 Here is the outline for this message with brief comments. M0000380 Cornerstone at Mallard Bay Nursing Home 181015-A - Jesus, personal relationship, persevere, faith, Mary, crowd, crowds, Zacchaeus, dinner, dining, work, workplace, employer, employee, employers, employees, church, churches, desert, well, water, Samaritan woman, woman at the well

Memorial Of Sovereignty --- Genesis 9:8-17, Revelation 4:3
47:56 / 51:57 Outline to this message with brief comments. M0000345 Cornerstone 071214-P -rainbow, bow, Noah, flood, Great Deluge, Genesis, Revelation, water, wrath of God, integrity, promise, proclamation, purpose, perform, performance

Mend-Maintain Your Cistern --- | or Copy title and place in player below. Jeremiah 2:13c and Psalm 130
01:03:25 / 01:08:02 M0000246 Cornerstone 140413-P soul, sin, sinning, mend, mending, moulding, emotions, desires, redemption, mercy, mercies, forgiveness, broken cisterns, determination, defect, desires, Thresher, submarine

Merciful Love --- Galatians 1:4
44:37 / 56:57 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000424 Cornerstone 161016-P Jesus Christ, gave Himself, salvation, rescue, will of God, direction, devotion, dedication, determination, deliverance, sin, sin nature, salvation, wrath of God, sinner, sinners, The Lord's Supper, Holy Communion

Merciful Loving Answer --- | OPTION TWO - Merciful Loving Answer (WITH COMMUNION SERVICE) --- | or Copy title and place in player below. Psalm 40:6-8, Hebrews 10:5-6
42:05 / 59:38 M0000272 Cornerstone at Redeemer Presbyterian Church 190913-P - sacrifice, offering, tribute, work, works, salvation, Christ, David, sin offering, burnt offering, merit, want, desire, require, requirements, incarnation

Merciful Loving Growth --- | or Copy title and place in player below. Luke 2:39-41
46:36 / 51:37 M0000273 Cornerstone 220913-P - incarnation, Christ, child, foundation, foundations, Jewish Law, flourish, flourishing, fulfill, fulfilling, fulfillment

Mercifully And Lovingly Overshadowed --- Luke 1:35, Mark 9:1-8, Acts 5:15
54:26 / 57:13 M0000271 Cornerstone 150913-P - incarnation, overshadow, overshadowed, conception, Christ Child, Holy Spirit, virgin, conceive, conceived, Mary, sex with Mary

Mercy For Marriage ---| or Copy title and place in player below Matthew 19:8
59:5 / 1:02:17 M0000050 Cornerstone 240612-P marriage, marry, mercy, forgive, forgiving, forgiveness, merciful, Jesus Christ, Moses, divorce, divorcement, remarriage, husband, wife, one flesh, sermon outline, message outline

Mom Made The Difference, 2 Chronicles 28:1-4 plus more
37:30 / 39:59 M0000189 Cornerstone 130512-A Mothers Day, mom, mother, motherhood, good influence, godly influence, Abi, Abijah, Hezekiah, Kings, Chronicles

Most Blessed State Of Being For Now --- Galatians 2:20
54:17 / 58:52 M0000349 Cornerstone 290315-P - crucified, crucify, crucifixion, death to self, cross, Christ lives, living, works, faith, faithfulness, love, loved me, existence, condition

No Soul Left Behind, Ephesians 2:11-18
58:17 / 1:04:12 M0000085Cornerstone 281110-P evangelism, souls, salvation, hell, mercy, forgiveness, unity

Not Feelings But Faith --- 1 Samuel 22:2, 23:3, 2 Samuel 23:8-21
58:52 / 01:01:44 Here is the outline for this message with brief comments. M0000409 Cornerstone 120616-A David, mighty men, fear, King, faith, feeling, feelings, emotion, emotions, acts, action, exploits, bravery

Not Of This Earth --- Philippians 3:20-21
30:40 / 33:41 Here is the outline for this message with brief comments. M0000386 Cornerstone 061215-A - Savior, standing, salvation, submission, citizen, citizenship, power of God, energy, sin, sin nature, Lord Jesus Christ, inhabitant of the earth, inhabitants of the earth, snare

Nowhere Else To Go --- John 6:68
49:13 / 55:24 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000444Cornerstone 190317-P religions, life, Word of God, words of God, words of life, Living God, Christ, zoe, bios, provision, person, Messiah, Godhead, trinity, trichotomy

Only Jesus Christ Is Worthy --- Revelation 5:5-6, 9-10
51:31 / 55:23 M0000307 Cornerstone 130414-A - salvation, redemption, blood, personal, relationship, Lion of Judah, root of David, The Revelation of Jesus Christ, redeem, honor, qualify, qualified, qualifications, unique, uniqueness, restoration, restorative

Only The Best For The Highest --- Malachi 1:6-8, 14g-i
50:07 / 58:06 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000440Cornerstone 190217-P Fatherhood of God, Father, Master, Lord of Hosts, perfection, grace, reverence, acceptable, blind, sick, lame, balance, cheap grace, perfect, Ab, Abba

Our All Sufficient Lord --- | or Copy title and place in player below Hebrews 2:17
50:07 / 1:01:28 M0000249 Cornerstone 280413-P pure, loving, effectual, Christ, obedience, submission, submissiveness, submitted, subordination, obeyed, redemption, mercy, faithful, faithfulness, tempted, temptations, victory, victories, victorious

Our Creator's Heart --- | or Copy title and place in player below Hebrews 2:10
44:13 M0000213 Cornerstone 011012-A suicide, foreclosure, salvation, love of God, Christ is the answer, Christ is the Way, life, suicide prevention, regeneration, creation, Creator, responsibility, compulsion, commission, compassion, incarnation, feast of tabernacles, feast of booths, mercy, pity, mercies, merciful, redeem, redeemed, redemption, responsible, lovingkindness, holy, holiness, deity of Christ, Trinity, Godhead, sermon outline, message outline

Our Four Dimensional Power in Christ, Topical
44:07 / 47:04 M0000186 Cornerstone 220412-A Bible, baptism, worship, pray, witness, study, serve, church mind of God, image of Christ, conforming, spiritual growth, emotional needs, mental, love of God, grace, Jewish Law, predestine, predestined, predestinate, predestinated, foreknowledge

Our Health --- | or Copy title and place in player below Proverbs 4:20-22
51:10 / 54:30 M0000229 Cornerstone 270113-A proverbs, wisdom, Word of God, Holy Bible, wisdom of God, health, vitality, vigil, vigilance, voice of God, life, everlasting life, Eternal Life, наше здоровье

Our Merciful Condescending God --- Psalm 18:35e-f
35:28 / 38:07 Here is the outline for this message with brief comments. M0000378 Cornerstone at Mallard Bay Nursing Home 041015-A - condescend, stoop, humble, humility, meekness, rescue, help, rescuer, helper, save, saving, salvation, victory, security, shield, protection, wrath of God, mercy, merciful, mercifully, kindness, gentleness, kind, gentle, condescended, condescending, lower, transcend, transcending, transcendent

Our Peculiar Thanks --- | or Copy title and place in player below Hebrews 13:12-15
42:50 / 46:01 M0000222 Cornerstone 181112-A thanksgiving, praise, thanks, sacrificial, sacrifice of praise, Jesus Christ, resolve, reproach, remove, reward, rejoicing, rejoice

Our Savior's Heart --- | or Copy title and place in player below Hebrews 2:14-16
44:13 M0000214 Cornerstone 011012-P suicide, suicide prevention, foreclosure, society, salvation, work of Christ, redemption, regeneration, redeemed, regenerated, incarnation, feast of tabernacles, feast of booths, death, sin, bondage, desire, destroy, deliver, demonstrate, satan, devil, second death, fellowship, restoration, restored, Christ the Answer

Out From The Shadow Of Death --- | or Copy title and place in player below Isaiah 8:22-9:6a
45:38 / M0000225 Cornerstone 161212-P sin, death, light, Christ, shadow, shadow of death, Isaiah, bondage, victory, shine, shining, share, sharing, shatter

Pearls And Gold --- Revelation 21:21
30:39 / 35:27 Outline to this message with brief comments. M0000340 Cornerstone at Mallard Bay 021114-A - pure, purest, grace, Christ, irritant, irritants, parasite, parasites, trouble, trial, test, testing, tempt, temptation, Job, Jacob, Peter, persecution, fire

Pick The Best --- Matthew 6:19-21
51:02 / 55:51 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000430Cornerstone 131116-P treasure, where your treasure is, material, spiritual, excellent, earnestness, earthliness, earthly, excellence, reward, rewards

Pinnacles Of Praise --- Topical - Psalm 7:17, Psalm 9:1, Psalm 147:1, Psalm 146:10, Psalm 145:2
30:31 / 33:26 Here is the outline for this message with brief comments. M0000374 Cornerstone at Mallard Bay 160815-A - fulness, faithfulness, sure, firm, fervency, worship, adoration, grace

Potent Aspects Of God's Kingdom --- | or Copy title and place in player below Romans 14:17-19
54:03 / 51:17 M0000239 Cornerstone 031013-A righteousness, peace, joy, kingdom, kingdom of God, meat and drinking, happiness, mock, mockers, actual, actuality, acceptable, acceptability, action, active, activity

Power Blessings From God --- Daniel 2:22
50:11 / 55:03 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000480 Cornerstone 101217-P revelation, reveal, examination, examine, illumination, illuminate, light, mercy, merciful, love, loving, revealing, protect, protection, protecting, Nebuchadnezzar, Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, Azariah, Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego, Babylon, Babylonian captivity, dream

Powerful Facets Of Forgiveness --- Genesis 42:25-28, 43:18-22, 44, 45:5,7-8, 50:15-21
28:41 / 34:37 Here is the outline for this message with brief comments. M0000392 Cornerstone 310116-A forgive, forgiven, grudge, vengeance, Joseph, admonish, remove, release, removes, releases,realize, realizes, realization, reality, Jacob, Egypt

Powerful Loving Rescue --- Hebrews 5:8-10
42:05 / 48:29 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000449 Cornerstone 230417-P subordination of Christ, Son, sonship, salvation, Trinity, Godhead, Father, emptied, mercy, merciful, royalty, rich, richness, submissive, submissiveness, Spirit, complete, completeness, perfect, perfected, utmost, uttermost, ultimate, eternal aid

Powers Of Joy --- John 17:13
32:45 / 36:24 Here is the outline for this message with brief comments. M0000383 Cornerstone at Mallard Bay Nursing Home 151115-A - foundation, force, fulfillment, joy, happiness, fulfilled, ascension, praise, worship, presence of God, life, everyday life, everyday living

Powers Of Prayer --- | or Copy title and place in player belowEphesians 6:18
45:41 / 49:07 M0000250 Cornerstone 050513-P - prayer, fellowship, power, constancy, continual, pray, praying, prayerful, content, conduction, consciousness, complete, completeness, perseverance, Holy Spirit, Holy Ghost, spirit led, supplication

Powers Of The Keepers --- Revelation 3:12b-h
52:33 / 59:01 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000477 Cornerstone 121117-P meekness, dependency upon God, faithfulness, submission, expectation, purity, resignation, Word of God, logos, rhema, church of Philadelphia

Powers Of The Pierced --- John 19:31-37
39:09 / 45:02 M0000338 Cornerstone 191014-P - blood, washing, wash, fellowship, truth, word, Word of God, crucifixion, resurrection, ascension, prophecy, precision, accuracy, Psalm 34, Zechariah, heal, healing, remedy, comfort, Holy Spirit, Holy Ghost

Pray Anyhow!, Daniel 6:10
25:06 / 55:10 M0000006 Bradford House 220210- Daniel, faithful, faithfulness, breaking the law, man's laws, preserved

Prayer: Powerful And Purposeful --- | or Copy title and place in player below Colossians 4:12b
47:15 M0000216 Cornerstone 051012-A will of God, prayer, God’s will, pray, praying, faith, grow, growth, growing, fill, filled, filling, know, knowing, knowledge, power, powerful, purpose, purposeful, labor, labour, labor, laboring, agonize, strive, endeavor, striving, agonizing, Arab babies

Precious Blood --- | or Copy title and place in player below. Psalm 72:14 and 1 Peter 1:19
47:58 / 57:43 M0000261 Cornerstone 280713-P - redeemed, redemption, sin, sins, wrath, offering, Father, Son, Holy Spirit, Holy Ghost, sacrifice, sacrificial, God, salvation

Prince Of Peace --- Isaiah 9:6k
46:11 / 52:05 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000481 Cornerstone 171217-P Messiah, shalom, Christ, incarnation, Beast of Revelation, Daniel, millennial reign, Antichrist, Jerusalem, Trump, Muslims, Arabs, United Nations, UN

Principles Of Holiness --- | or Copy title and place in player below. Ephesians 4:22-24
51:15 / 55:26 M0000277 Cornerstone 131013-A - holiness, holy, sanctification, peace, positiveness, providence, walk, direction, patience, longsuffering, perfection, purity, mind, renewal of the mind, Holy Spirit

Priorities Of Holiness --- 1 Peter 1:13-16
54:04 / 59:23 M0000330 Cornerstone 240814-A - alert, active, anticipate, anticipation, anticipating, awake, hope, hoping, sober, return of Christ, apocalypse, the Revelation of Jesus Christ, body, mind, heart, spirit, strength, soul

Protecting Your Spirit --- Psalm 31:4-5
50:56 / 53:17 M0000026 Cornerstone 280410-P Christ, eternity, God, spirit, trust, guard, shun, sin, draw near, satan, snare, truth, true, lie, lies

Providentially Empowered And Purposed --- Esther 4:14
58:42 / 1:04:17 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000474 Cornerstone 221017-P providence, happenstance, Israel, Esther, Mordecai, Vashti, Ahasuerus, Haman, empowerment, guidance, happenstance, Israel, Martin Luther, Protestant Reformation, guidance, Chaim Weizmann, Arthur Balfour, locusts, scorpions, Billy Graham, Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Martin O’Malley, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, Jared Kushner, Middle East Peace, end of the Ages, Armageddon, all Israel shall be saved, Zechariah 12 to 14, Joel 3, United Nations, law enforcement officer, police, policeman, policemen, cop, cops, law enforcement

Provision In A Wilderness --- Psalm 63
59:35 / 1:02:51 M0000333 Cornerstone 091414-A - priority, priorities, persevere, perseverance, pleasure, pleasures, peace, fowl, God, Christ, spirit, soul, body, praise, worship

Psalm 14: It's Not Just About Atheists --- | or Copy title and place in player below. Psalm 14
53:19 / 58:35 M0000265 Cornerstone 180813-A - fool, fools, atheist, atheists, atheism, godless, flounder, floundering, folly, foolishness, David, Israel

Psalm 32's Vitamin B --- | or Copy title and place in player below Psalm 32:8-11
46:18 M0000219 Cornerstone 211012-A Holy Spirit, guidance, guided, directed, direction, teach, instruct, guide, direct, teaching, instruction, instructed, Holy Ghost, Christ, grow, growing, spiritual growth, glad, gladness, rejoice, rejoicing, shout, shouting, guard, guarded, protect, mercies of God, surrounded by mercy

Quest For The Best --- Song Of Solomon 1:7-10
48:13 / 55:39 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000460 Cornerstone 160717-P God’s love, relationship, born again, Bride of Christ, Song Of Solomon, The Church, The Body Of Christ

Quintet Of Thanks --- Topical Jer. 23:24, He. 4:13, Rev. 1:8 and 19:6, Mal. 3:6
27:49 / 33:38 M0000285 Cornerstone at Mallard Bay 171113-A - thank, thanking, thankful, thankfulness, grateful, gratefulness, unchanging, unchangeable, immutable, immutability, omnipotence, omniscience, eternal, omnipresence, omnipresent, omnipotent, timeless, God, attributes of God

Reaching That Goal In Christ --- 1 Peter 2:2
29:44 / 33:23 M0000294 Cornerstone at Mallard Bay 050114-A - race, realize, recognize, resort, realizing, recognizing, resorting, run, achieve, achievement, Word of God, pure milk of the Word, babes in Christ, babies in Christ, child, spiritual growth, fruit, growing, mature, maturity

Reach To The Resurrected Savior --- John 20:27
37:59 M0000308 Cornerstone at Mallard Bay 200414-A - Christ, Savior, rescue, rescuer, Thomas, heart, hands, side, soul, spirit, fellowship, love, commitment, dedication, Holy Spirit, Holy Ghost

Realities Self Must Face --- Ecclesiastes 2:3-11, 12:13-14
45:50 / 50:28 Here is the outline for this message with brief comments. M0000375 Cornerstone 230815-A - Ecclesiastes, King Solomon, vanity of vanities, vexation, self centered, selfishness, selfish, death, material goods, pleasures, lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes, pride of life, fear of God, obey, obedience, duty, surrender, surrendered

Realize Peace --- | or Copy title and place in player below Topical
46:52 M0000208 Cornerstone 190812-P peace, peace of God, fruit of the Holy Spirit, trust, trusting, praise, praising, entrust, accept, meekness, concentrate, fixed, stayed, mind, emulate, be an example

Reasons For The King's Child To Rejoice --- | or Copy title and place in player below Psalm 149:1-6
49:20 / 59:22 M0000241 Cornerstone 031713-P king, sovereign, child, children, child of the King, King’s child, praise, worship, sing, singing, God, Christ, redemption, redeemed, blood of Christ, new creation

Reasons To Be Close To Him --- | or Copy title and place in player below. Isaiah 40:11
49:14 / 53:40 M0000263 Cornerstone 040813-A - guard, comfort, comforts, gather, guide, gentle, gentleness, shepherd, Good Shepherd, Christ, YHWH, lamb, flock, feed,snare, snare of the fowler, fowler

Receive God's Rescue --- Psalm 146:7
51:12 / 55:05 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000428Cornerstone 131116-P liberated, freed, liberty, oppressed, oppression, free, favor, favored, feed, fed, food, bread, judge, judgment, penalty, Christ paid our penalty, fill, filling, filled, liberate, drugs, heroin, porn, cocaine, fear, despair, depress, depressing, depression, depressed, despairing, despaired, faint, mens hearts will faint, fearing, fearful

Release! --- Luke 13:16
36:35 / 39:45 Here is the outline for this message with brief comments. M0000379 Cornerstone 111015-A - bound, bondage, free, freed, liberate, relieve, human, humanity, helpless, helplessness, heritage, heal, healing, healings, healed, bent, bent over, image of God, synagogue, Torah, Law, ruler, sabbath, rest

Release From The Enemy --- Isaiah 14:24-27
26:13 / 30:03 Here is the outline for this message with brief comments. M0000370 Cornerstone at Mallard Bay 050715-A - sin, bondage, victory, power, plan, purpose, prevailing, problem, prevail, oppression, obsession, sinning, relief, satan, sin nature, sinful nature, Assyria, Assyrian

Relish His Word --- Psalm 119:173-176
50:24 / 54:34 M0000316 Cornerstone 010614-P - Holy Bible, choose, cherish, champion, check, stray, astray, law, commandment, commandments, testimony, testimonies, statute, statutes, precept, precepts

Remedy For Rebellion --- Topical
54:13 / 59:06 M0000301 Cornerstone 090314-P - disobey, disobedience, obey, obedience, desire, destruction, deliverance, deliver, sacrifice, propitiation, revolt, sin, iniquity, idols, idolatry, witch, witches, witchcraft, necromancer, necromancy

Resurrection Directives --- Matthew 28:5-7
44:45 / 49:00 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000448 Cornerstone 160417-P fear not, go ye, come see, empty tomb, risen, arose, grave, death, Messiah, Jesus Christ, trust, fear, afraid, scared

Resurrection Treasures --- John 20:19-23
56:57 / 58:42 Here is the outline for this message with brief comments. M0000398 Cornerstone 270316-P peace, power, purpose, presence, perfection, resurrected, resurrection, Christ, resurrection day, evening, fear of the Jews, peacefulness, trust, perfectness

Rewards Of Waiting On God --- Isaiah 40:31
49:09 / 52:54 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000465 I would like to make something clear. Just over 36 minutes into the message I said “they take tree branches and make booths” -- not booze! ::: Cornerstone 200817-P endurance, hope, trust, wait, run, walk, renewal, eagles, renewed, renewing, YHVH, YHWH, Jehovah, Feast of Tabernacles, Feast of Booths, Zechariah, Millennial Reign Of Christ, thousand year reign of Christ, first resurrection, rapture, rapture of the Church, endurance, longsuffering of God, patience with yourself

Riches Of Rebekah --- | or Copy title and place in player below, Genesis 24-selected
38:35 / 43:51 M0000030 Cornerstone 130510 - Mothers Day, love, trust, commitment

Riches Of Ruth --- Ruth, selected
56:02 / 01:03:14 M0000313 Cornerstone 110514-P - Bethlehem, Christ, Jesus, rescue, rescued, mother-in-law, daughter-in-law, commitment, commit, dedicate, dedicated, dedication, submission to authority, hard worker, hard working, workfare, welfare, self-control, self-controlled, unselfish, cares, caring, sharing, obedient, obedience, rewarded, reward

Rightly Rejoice In Redemption --- Luke 17:15-16
32:43 / 38:31 Here is the outline for this message with brief comments. M0000384 Cornerstone at Mallard Bay Nursing Home 151115-A - thanks, thanksgiving, ten lepers, Samaritan, see, salvation, behold, behave, God, redemption, redeemed, appreciate, appreciation, woman who anointed Jesus, Christ, alabaster, wiped His feet with her hair, value, Germany, V E Day, Hitler, Nazis, Duren, Dorchester, WWII

Rise Above! --- Colossians 3:1-4
48:45 / 55:09 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000459 Cornerstone 090717-P seek, seeking, resurrected, mindset, thinking, Christ seated, right hand of God, condition your mind, think, thinking, meditate, meditation, meditating, appearing of Jesus Christ, the return of Jesus Christ

Risen One --- Revelation 1:18
39:49 / 43:20 Outline to this message with brief comments. M0000358 Cornerstone 050415-P - resurrection, life, living, loving, lifting, liberating, YHVH, liberty, life, death

Risen With Healing --- | or Copy title and place in player below Malachi 4:2-3
44:12 / 55:30 M0000244 Cornerstone 310313-P risen, healing, resurrection, reverence, wings, healing in His wings, grace, spiritual growth, remembers, remembrance, birds striking side of house, spiritual, emotional, physical, angels, demon

Rule Your Spirit Or Be Ruined ---Proverbs 25:28, 14:29, 15:4, 15:13, 16:18, 17:22, 18:14
47:22 M0000060 Cornerstone 050910- anger, depression, despair, hurt, pride, Holy Spirit, person, spirit, sin, Christ, Holy Ghost

Sacred Dynamics Of Holy Communion --- 1 Corinthians 11:23-32
46:10 / 52:45 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000472 Cornerstone 081017-P The Lord’s Supper, transubstantiation, Roman Catholic Church, Word of God, symbolism, Passover meal, Exodus, Jews, fellowship, church history, Middle Ages, damned, damnation, bread, wine, grape juice, soul, life, desire, deeds, death, resurrection, return, second coming

Salvation Seed --- Matthew 13:31-32
28:09 / 32:15 "Remove The Snakeweed From The Mustard Seed" is an article that touches upon this message predominately to expose the false notion that Jesus did not know what He was talking about, or that we do not know for sure what Jesus said, regarding the mustard seed. M0000366 Cornerstone at Mallard Bay 070615-A - mustard seed, smallest, size, parable, Jesus Christ, seeds, sow, sower, sown, Kingdom of God, Kingdom of Heaven, salvation, redemption, tree, trees, seeds, insignificant

Seeing Men As Walking Trees --- Mark 8:22-25
52:44 / tba Go here for the outline to this message with brief comments. M0000283 Cornerstone 101113-A - blind, blurred, blur, blessed, focus, see, sight, out of focus, Caesar, governmental influence on the Church, church, prophecy, prophetic

Seek These Three Blessings, Psalm 18:28-30
35:32 / 42:21 M0000188 Cornerstone 060512-P praying the Scriptures, prayer, enrichment, empowerment, enlighten, enlightenment, empower, enrich, the Holy Bible, God’s Word, praying, prayerful, prayerfulness

Separated For Service --- 1 Chronicles 23:13
30:05 / 34:08 M0000289 Cornerstone At Mallard Bay 011213-A - sanctify, impart, intercede, minister, ministry, make holy, declare holy, bless, intercession,marriage, Word of God, Baptism of the Holy Spirit, priest, priesthood, Melchizedek, Aaron, Aaronic, Levitical

Seven Blessings Of Motherhood --- | or Copy title and place in player below, Matthew 8:14-15
28:59 M0000029 Bradford House 130510, - Peter's mother-in-law, touch, hands, serve

Seven Directives For Our Time --- | or Copy title and place in player belowSeven Directives For Our Time, Romans 13:10-14
48:09 / 52:21 M0000111Cornerstone 270311- directive, awake, cast off sin, put on Christ, armor of God, armor of Light, holy, holiness, righteous, righteousness, sin, sinful, sin nature, sinful nature, behead, beheading, flesh, works of the flesh, obey, obey Christ, keep His commandments, sermon outline, darkness, Israel, angry, anger, do no harm

Seven Roots For Growth in Christ, Topical
17:30 / 17:47 M0000037 Office 030610- Bible, baptism, worship, pray, witness, study, serve, church

Seven Treasures Of The Blood - Part 1 --- | or Copy title and place in player below Hebrews 9:14
48:37M0000200 . . .
Seven Treasures Of The Blood - Part 2 --- | or Copy title and place in player below Hebrews 9:14
56:23M0000201 . . .
Cornerstone 080712-A and P The blood of Christ, generational curse, salvation, cleansing, generational curses, power, passion, purity, curse, cursed, cursing, purge, purging, proportion, perfection, peace of God, the price Christ paid, crucifixion, better, Mosaic Law, rabbinical teaching, rabbinical doctrine, word of God, Holy Bible

Seven Treasures Of Thanks --- Psalm 111:7-10
51:14 / 56:21 Outline to this message with brief comments. M0000343 Cornerstone 231114-P -thanksgiving, praise, thankfulness, praising, God, Christ, redemption, redeemed, Word of God, Holy Bible, blessing, blessings, wisdom, Name of God, Jesus Christ, Yeshua, good, goodness, covenants

Sin Can Affect Your Body |--- or Copy title and place in player below John 5:1-14
44:22 M0000206 Cornerstone 120812-A sickness, infirmity, can sin cause sickness, illness, disease, diseases, go and sin no more, weak, weakness, power of Christ, heal, healing, health, healthy, problem, problems, probe, probes, power, portent, portents, warning, warnings

Six Qualities of Godly Faith, 1 John 3:16-24
41:56 / 46:45 M0000176 Office 160212- pure faith, belief, believing, commitment, heart, hearts, obedient, obedience, submissive, selfless, Holy Spirit filled, Holy Spirit led, test, tested, testing, active, action

Spiritual Essentials --- Psalm 104:15
30:43 / 37:23 M0000350 Cornerstone at Mallard Bay 010215-A - salvation, Holy Spirit, Holy Ghost, Word of God, Holy Bible, bread, wine, oil, joy, strength, body, soul, heart

Stand Against These Four End Times Evils --- 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4, 1John 2:18, 2:22, 4:3, 2 John 7, Revelation 13
57:04 / 1:02:05 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000435Cornerstone 010117-P Antichrist, antichrists, the Beast, false prophets, the False Prophet, the man of sin, son of perdition, Christ, Revelation 13, end time, end times, Armageddon, time of Jacob’s trouble, Great Tribulation, Age of the Gentiles, Age of the Church, Trump, Pence, gnosticism

Stand Out! --- Luke 7:24-28
47:53 / 50:48 Outline to this message with brief comments. M0000341 Cornerstone 091114-P - unwavering, solid, firm, Spirit led, committed, dedicated, Holy Spirit, John the Baptist, divorce, divorce and remarriage, Herod, Herods

Stand Up! --- | or Copy title and place in player below Romans 1:16-17
52:47 / 55:04 M0000220 Cornerstone 111112-A faithfulness, faith, salvation, belief, believing, righteousness of God, obedience, suicide, suicidal, compromise, wrath of God

Stay On Course --- | or Copy title and place in player below John 6:15-21
56:53 / TBP M0000232 Cornerstone 030213-P Galilee, sea, tempest, fear, Christ, task, time, temptation, triumph, current, wind, world, tumult, Captain, salvation

Steps Of Enduring Power --- Colossians 1:23a-d
47:46 / 51:03 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000467 Cornerstone 030917-P testing, troubles, steadfast, grounded, faith, discern, discernment, judge, judging, discerning, determined, determination, steadfastness

Steps To Safety --- Psalm 61:1-4
48:18 / 52:41 Here is the outline for this message with brief comments. M0000396 Cornerstone 130316-P secure, safe, trust, abide, cry out, persevere, tower, shelter, satan, world system, tide, storm, storms, storm surge, height, knowledge of future events, rock that is higher than I, a rock too high for me, feebleness of heart, overwhelmed, overwhelm, overwhelming, under His wings, abide, abiding, home, security, safety, safe, sheltered

Steps To Stability --- Psalm 17:4-6
38:31 M0000306 Cornerstone at Mallard Bay 060414-A - flee, follow, flow, fleeing, following, flowing, hear from God, choice, responsible, responsibility

Steps To Victory --- Romans 6:15-18
48:49 / 52:56 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000413 Cornerstone 100716-P spiritual reality, will, willing, thinking, grace, cheap grace, warning, think, thoughts, warn, death, second death

Survive The Deadly Epidemic --- Deuteronomy 24:8
51:06 / 55:32 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000420 Cornerstone 180916-P sin, iniquity, sinfulness, world, influence, leprosy, worldliness, leprous, take heed, exceedingly much, diligently heed, heed, distraction, distractions, distracted, attention, focus, Word of God, balanced Gospel, balanced message, cheap grace, translation, translations, plague, second death, hell, death

Sustaining Love --- 1 John 4:17
28:21 / 32:14 M0000351 Cornerstone at Mallard Bay 010315-A - perfect, perfection, complete, completed, completeness, perfected, peace, peaceful, power, powerful, judgment, 1 John

Take A Stand Like Shiphrah And Puah --- Exodus 1:15-21
45:08 / 47:22 Outline to this message with brief comments. M0000363 Cornerstone 100515-A - Mothers Day, fear God, obedience, disobedience, midwife, midwives, afraid, Pharaoh, Exodus, favor of God, pro-life, protect, protection

Take God's Word Seriously --- | or Copy title and place in player belowPsalm 119:109-112
54:59 / tba M0000252 Cornerstone 260513-P - Bible, Scripture, Word of God, Holy Bible, choice, choose, choosing, decide, decision, snare, trap, danger, evil, accountable, responsible, alert, aware, avid, ardent, passionate, abide, abiding, joy, rejoice, strength, omnipotence, God, transgendered, trans-gendered

Take Refuge In God's Word, Psalm 119:161-165
40:32 / 45:43 M0000187 Cornerstone 060512-A Satan, Word of God, Holy Bible, Jesus Christ, peace, lie, lying, lies, truth, enduring for ever, trust

Taking God's Name In Vain Without Words --- Topical - Exodus 20:7, Psalm 106:47, Psalm 139:20, Proverbs 30:9g
46:13 / 53:46 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000442Cornerstone 050317-P Jesus Christ, Anointed One, Jehovah is salvation, Messiah, Yeshua, conduct, manner of living, swearing, cursing, Existing One, profane, profanity

Taste The Tree Of Life Today --- Proverbs - selected
52:18 / 55:23 M0000268 Cornerstone 0080913-P - seek, find, desire, apply, cultivate, tongue, Holy Spirit, wholesome, healthy

Tender Spirit Love --- Isaiah 44:2-3
49:09 / 54:14 M0000260 Cornerstone 270713-A - Spirit, formed, made, created, fashioned, fortified, edified, flourish, flourishing Holy Spirit, Holy Ghost, Spirit filled, Spirit of God

The Best Possible Walk --- Topical
28:59 / 34:00 M0000311 Cornerstone at Mallard Bay 040514-A - fellowship, communion, communing, obey, obedience, holy, holiness, perfect, perfection, sanctify, sanctification, Enoch, Abram, Abraham, Josiah, Judah, YHWH, YHVH, godly, godliness, grace of God

The Bethel Blessing --- Genesis 28:10-22
26:46 / 31:47 M0000339 Cornerstone at Mallard Bay 201014-A - Jacob, son, sons, Abraham, Isaac, Jews, Hebrews, fear, afraid, faith, flee, fleeing, fled, stone pillow, father, flight, YHWH, YHVH, ladder, angels, dream

The Blessing of Building, 2 Chronicles 14:1-8
40:07 M0000005 Cornerstone 220110- teaching, teachings, words of Christ, trust, obey

The Christ Of Compassion --- Mark 1:41
30:00 / 34:42 M0000334 Cornerstone at Mallard Bay 210914-A - salvation, healing, heal, heals, healed, cleansing, leper, leprosy, beg, beseech, desire, High Priest

The Cost Of Compromise --- | or Copy title and place in player below 2 Chronicles 18:1-3, 18:28-19:3, and 20:35-21:4
53:53 / TBP M0000231 Cornerstone 030213-A Ahab, compromise, Jehoshaphat, rebuke, rebuked, repercussion, repercussions, retribution, reversion

The Deadly, The Dead, The Diseased, And The Devoted --- | or Copy title and place in player below Matthew 2:1-6
37:49 / 40:16 M0000226 Cornerstone 231212-A Christ, incarnation, Magi, devotion, devoted, Herod the Great, murder, slaughter, deadly, dead, diseased, Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Herod The Great

The Deliverance, Isaiah 53:6
41:42 / 44:36 M0000148 Cornerstone 131011- Holy Communion, The Lord's Supper, sin, confess, confession, cleansing, sheep, shepherd, danger, delusion, mercy of God

The Emmaus Sensation: Christ's Revelation, Luke 24:27 and 30
35:55 / 38:54 M0000183 Cornerstone 080412-A resurrection of Christ, Holy Scriptures, Old Testament, Word of God, presence of God, fellowship, love of God, breaking bread, walking with Christ, walk with Christ

The Emmaus Sensation: Our Recognition of Christ's Revelation, Luke 24:31_32, 35
38:37 / 43:45 M0000184 Cornerstone 080412-A resurrection of Christ, eyes opened, hearts burned, Emmaus road, walking with Christ, fellowship, revealed, mind, minds, witness, evangelize

The Faithfulness Of Christ --- 2 Thessalonians 3:3-5
28:06 / 33:06 M0000323 Cornerstone at Mallard Bay 060714-A - guard, keep, God, love, endure, endurance, patient, patience, shame, ashamed, power, empower

The Freshness Of Christ --- Hosea 14:5-8
28:41 / 34:58 M0000324 Cornerstone at Mallard Bay 200714-A - remedy, refreshing, revive, reviving, restore, restoring, restoration, renew, renewing, YHVH, Yahweh, grace, mercy, backsliding, backslid, backslidden, sin, iniquity, Israel, merciful

The Goal And Gumption, Psalm 107:8-9 52:47 /1:00:52
M0000150 Cornerstone- praise, will, desire, seek, behold, the beauty of the Lord, Yahweh, Jehovah, JHVH, YHWH, worship, enquire

The God of Merciful Forgiveness, Psalm 103:8-18 50:51 / 58:00 truncated for video at 54:32
M0000158 Cornerstone 271111- forgiving, mercy, mercies, merciful, forgiven, forgiveness, pity, father, child, son, abundant, abundance

The Important You --- Topical: 2 Corinthians 9:9a, Mark 14:13-16, Luke 17:11-19, John 6:5-13, Genesis 37:13-17, 1 Kings 20:35-43, 2 Kings 5:1-3, Acts 3:1-8
34:59 / 38:19 Here is the outline for this message with brief comments. M0000371 Cornerstone at Mallard Bay 190715-A - insignificant, worthless, unknown, ignored, providence of God, used by God, verbal abuse, disability, healing, duty, duties, lame man, leprosy, Naaman, Ben-Hadad, provisions

The Incarnation in Prophecy and Carol, Topical - Musical
50:29 / 55:58 M0000165 Cornerstone 251211-P sin, bondage, deliverance, second Adam, second man, last Adam, last man, phrohecy, Bethlehem, virgin birth, incarnation, Messiah, Christ

The Inner Working, Psalm 65:1-4
50:56 M0000190 praising God, worship, reverence, devotion, prayer, praying, prayerful, prayerfulness, adoration, purging, cleansing, atonement, David, sin, sins, forgiveness, cleanse

The Loving Repentance --- 1 Peter 2:24
30:23 / 34:27 M0000300 Cornerstone at Mallard Bay 020314-A - godliness, godly, sorrow, remorse, sin, godly sorrow, price, purpose, perfect, perfection, perfecting, Isaiah, Peter

The Penny --- | or Copy title and place in player below. Topical
59:08 / 1:07:22 M0000267 Cornerstone 250813-A - salvation, Christ, cross, condescending, condescend, condescension, mercy, clean, cleanse, value, need, serve, service, use, used, stooped down, stoop down, sin, sinful, corrupt

The Priorities Of Jesus --- | or Copy title and place in player below John 12:20-28a
46:28 / 50:44 M0000228 Cornerstone 301212-A life, holiness, witness, godly, godliness, holy, real life, flesh, soul, serve, minister, surrender

The Snare--An Apocalyptic Warning, Isaiah 24:17-18
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52:48 / 58:53 M0000175 Cornerstone 290112-A end times, last days, fear, fearfulness, Antichrist, enforcement, enforce, defile, defilement, defiled, destruction, worry, salvation, Great Tribulation, False Prophet

The Supremacy of the Holy Bible, 2 Peter 1:16, 20-21
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Accurate Literal English Holy Bibles
46:01 / 49:48 M0000170 Cornerstone 290112-A inspiration, inspired by God, interpretation, Word of God, prophets, apostles, prophecy

The Tender Shepherd, Revelation 3:19-22
43:58 / 46:06 M0000153 Cornerstone 061111-A sin, bondage, deliverance, rebuke, chasten, disciplines, discipline, love, directs, desires, desire

The Trial That Teaches --- Exodus 15:25-26
32:02 / 36:33 M0000332 Cornerstone at Mallard Bay 070914-A - trouble, troubles, test, testing, tire, tiring, weary, instruction, Word of God, Christ, trust, trusting, crucified, crucifixion, crucify

The Triumph Of Godly Habits --- Psalm 103:15-18 -- First in a series of getting into godly habits
1:02:36 / 1:06:00 Here is the outline for this message with brief comments. M0000400 Cornerstone 100416-P habitual, manner, triumphant, will of God, Word of God, thoughts, think, thinking, mind, imagination, imaginations, thanks, thanksgiving, give thanks, praise, praising, praise the Lord, worship, worshiping, pray, prayer, praying, filled, filled with the Holy Spirit, filled with the Holy Ghost, tongues, Word of God, Holy Bible, study, read, Bible study, godly expression, church, attend church, go to church, habits, holy habit, holy habits, godly habit, godly habits

The Untouchables, Psalm 91:1-4
48:34 / 53:09 M0000177 Cornerstone 040312-A secret place, deliverance, delivered, shadow of the Almighty, dwell, dwells, dwelleth, abide, abides, abideth, wings, snare, fowl, fowler, buckler, shield, truth

The Way Of The Children Of The Day --- | or Copy title and place in player below 1 Thessalonians 5:4-7
54:03 / 1:01:11 M0000238 Cornerstone 030313-P children, millennial, Christ, reign, millennial reign of Christ, children of the day, children of light, awake, sleep, slumber, night, sober, watch, wary, aware, alert, age of the Gentiles

The Widow's Might --- | or Copy title and place in player below 1 Kings 17:8-16
49:03 / 51:29 M0000140 Cornerstone 110911- - meekness, faith, oil, Elijah, cruse of oil, oil, oil multiplied, meal, barrel, ravens, Zarephath, Zarepath, Cherith, famine, drought

The Witnesses --- | or Copy title and place in player below. Hebrews 11:32-12:2
1:00:54 / 1:03:45 M0000264 Cornerstone 110813-A - faith, faithful, faithfulness, witness, witnesses, better, extraordinary, excruciating, exclude, excluded, expect, expected, race

The Woven Crown --- Matthew 27:27-31
43:31 M0000356 Cornerstone 020415-P - Christ, cross, crucifixion, thorns, thorny, humiliation, humiliate, humiliated, mock,mockery, mocked, mocking, hurt, hurtful, hope, sin, Genesis, salvation

This Could Be Your Last Thanksgiving --- Psalm 6:4-5
36:26 / tba M0000288 Office 271113-A - mercy, deliverance, deliver, free, hell, death, God's presence, presence of God, merciful

Three Calls To Victory, Isaiah 51:1-3
45:53 / 49:40 M0000162Cornerstone 181211-A listen, look, live, looking, obey, obeying

Three Dynamics Of Discipleship --- | or Copy title and place in player below. Luke 14:25-33
53:03 / 56:23 Outline of this message with brief comments. M0000299 Cornerstone 230214-A - hate, prefer, disciple, disciples, Jesus Christ, focus, fix, fixate, establish, established, forfeit, forfeited, forfeiting, follow, following, followed, family, friends, society, dedicated, committed, hatred, self

Three Facets Of Praise, Psalm 47
45:19 / 50:54 M0000156Cornerstone 201111-A power, powerful, empower, precious, preciousness, purpose, purposeful, worship

Three Godly Goals, Psalm 107:8-9
45:38 / 53:14 M0000152 Cornerstone-P rejoice, reverence, John Philpot, Reformation Day

Three Progressive Endtime Directives --- 1 Peter 4:7, Hebrews 10:24-25
15:30 / 19:47 M0000293 Cornerstone at a private home 311213-P - prudent, prudence, pray, prayer, prayerfulness, provoke, provoking, love, good works, church, assembly, day, return of Christ

Three Who Shortchanged Themselves --- 2 Samuel 11:1, 2 Kings 2:2, 2 Kings 13:14-19, John 20:24-25
49:01 / 52:04 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000466 Cornerstone 270817-P protection of God, presence of God, power of God, Christ, determination, victory, faithfulness, risen Christ, David, Thomas, Joash, Elisha, Elijah

To Be Part Of The Solution --- Esther 4:1-17
48:34 / 58:12 M0000326 Cornerstone 270714-P - providence, providential, guidance, choice, destiny, daze, dazed, dazing, dilemma, problem, rescue, intercede, intercession

To Love Christ --- | or Copy title and place in player below John 14:21
40:53 / 43:16 M0000233 Cornerstone 100213-A love, agape, obey, obedience, observe, commandments, YHWH, Christ, proof, power, peace, wrath of God, cross of Christ, salvation

To Hear The Voice Of God --- John 10:27
41:29 / 45:31 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000421 Cornerstone 250916-P way, J-pole, J-pole antenna, subordination of Christ, Trinity, salvation, Spirit, Holy Spirit, Holy Ghost, submission, subordination, subordination of the Son, the deity of Christ, follow, sheep, wave, waves, wavelength, frequency, frequencies, band

To Love Your Fellow Disciples --- 1 John 5:1-5
41:00 / 54:39 M0000234 Cornerstone 100213-P love, agape, obey, obedience, observe, commandments, brothers, brethren, sisters, Body of Christ, Christ, victory, validation, vitality, virtue

To Love The Lost, Stay Salty --- | or Copy title and place in player below Matthew 5:13
49:04 / 54:30 M0000235 Cornerstone 170213-P salt, savor, thirst, water, thirsty, salty, watch, watchful, watchfulness, warn, warning, love, evangelism, evangelize, witness, witnessing

Tornado Warning (From God) --- Jeremiah 30:23-24
49:43 / 55:30 Outline to this message with brief comments. M0000325 Cornerstone 130714-A - whirlwind, Apocalypse, Great Tribulation, The Time Of Jacob's Trouble, devastation, wicked, sin, transgression, iniquity, return of Christ, Messiah, destiny, decision, direction

Totality In Salvation --- Leviticus 4:4-12
40:41 / 43:39 Outline to this message with brief comments. M0000344 Cornerstone 211214-A - redemption, reconcile, reconciliation, salvation, reconciled, resignation, resign, resigned, blood, blood of Christ, sacrifice, sacrifices, sin, sins, sin nature, Holy Place, Most Holy Place, tabernacle, tabernacle of meeting

Touched By The Holy Spirit --- Topical
47:07 M0000204 Cornerstone 050812-P Holy Spirit, adoption, regeneration, guidance, adopting, freeing, freedom, guiding, guidance, lead, leading, led, speak, speaking, indwell, indwelling, Holy Ghost, refresh, refreshing, refreshment, empower, empowerment, empowering
NOTE Added an extra point to the message, making number 7 number 8 with the new number 7 being "Leading - Romans 8:14."

Trap Or Triumph --- Proverbs 29:25
56:29 / 1:02:31 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000450 Cornerstone 300417-P fear, afraid, trust, snare, safe, Great Tribulation, mark of the Beast, snares, apocalypse, shame, ridicule, homophobia, islamaphobia, mock, mocking, mockery, compromise

Triple Restoration --- Isaiah 54:1-8
30:40 / 34:09 - M0000342 Cornerstone at Mallard Bay 161114-A - joy, hope, purpose, mercy, mercies, sin, salvation, barren, fruit, fruitful, fruitfulness, peace, guilt, shame, disgrace, failure, suicide

Triumphant Thanks, Revelation 11:15-19
32:04 M0000082 Bradford House 211110- praise, thanks, triumph, victory

Troubled Or Triumphant --- Matthew 2:3-6
33:19 / 37:26 Here is the outline for this message with brief comments. M0000389 Cornerstone at Mallard Bay 030116-A - troubles, peace, victory, victorious, Herod, Wise Men, trial, trials, tribulation, trouble, troubled, triumph, triumphant, Magi, Bethlehem, Ephratah, king, Judea, Judah, Christ, Messiah, Psalm 2

True Godsend --- Isaiah 9:6a-c
50:05 Outline to this message with brief comments. M0000346 Cornerstone at Mallard Bay 211214-P -Christ, incarnation, Christmas, Messiah, birth, prophecy, prophecies, Old Testament, life, Eternal Life, liberty, liberation, leader, leadership, Isaiah

Trust Blessing, Not Luck --- | or Copy title and place in player below Isaiah 65:8-12, 17-25
50:46 / 52:57 M0000240 Cornerstone 031713-A blessing, providence, provision, fortune, protection, prevailing, prosperity, purpose, promise, predestined, predestination, luck, charms, superstition, fate, destiny, Northeast Bible Institute, NBI, date, dating, girls, girlfriends

Trust The Eternal Word --- Isaiah 40:8
51:06 / 53:16 Here is the outline for this message with brief comments. M0000406 Cornerstone 220516-A Holy Bible, secure, security, truth, standards, sure, written Word of God, unchanging, prophecy, prophetic, prophecies, life, Christian growth, translations, versions, translation, version

Trust Unto Triumph --- | or Copy title and place in player below. Topical from the Psalms
58:48 / 1:02:41 M0000256 Cornerstone 300613-A - trust, faith, rest, understanding, stay, remain, dwell, abide, trusting, test, testing, trouble, troubles, tribulation, triumph, victory, trust in God, Christ, Psalms, psalm

Two Sides Of Patience --- Revelation 1:18
48:03 / 51:30 M0000359 Cornerstone 120415-A - endure, endurance, enduring, expect, expecting, expectation, hope, return of Christ, coming of the Lord, perseverance

Two Voices From Beyond --- Luke 16:19-31
31:57 / 35:52 M0000329 Cornerstone at Mallard Bay 030814-A - Abraham, death, life, hell, Paradise, Abraham’s bosom, Lazarus, rich man, flame, fire, Word of God, Holy Bible, listen, obey, obedience

Ultimate Love For You --- 2 Corinthians 5:21
51:02 / 57:28 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000414 Cornerstone 170716-P imputation, perfection, holiness, grace, growth, sin, righteousness, righteousness of God, faith, faithfulness, faith to faith, total depravity, defile, defilement, defiled, immaculate, pure, purity, presence of God, love of God

Vibrant Victorious Words Of Life --- Psalm 119:49-56
50:07 / 55:33 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000445 Cornerstone 260317-P religions, life, Word of God, words of God, words of life, Living God, Christ, zoe, bios, provision, person, Messiah, Godhead, trinity, trichotomy

Victor's VineyardIsaiah27:2-5
45:35 / 52:09 M0000169 Cornerstone 220112-P sin, victory, dedication, wrath of God, safety, make peace with God

Victory From Meekness --- | or Copy title and place in player below Matthew 26:52-54
54:44 / 58:17 M0000242 Cornerstone 032413-A meek, meekness, trust, resigned, resignation, dependent, reserved, mind, victory, victorious, obey, obedience, man, Joe Biden, Paul Ryan, Pope Benedict, Pope Francis, homosexuals, homosexual marriage, hour of darkness, drunkards, chld abusers, drug dealers

Visible Christianity 1 Peter 2:11-16
52:28 M0000194 Cornerstone 030612-P abstain, abstaining, fleshly lusts, obeying human government, submissiveness, submit, submission, persecuted, persecution, serve, service, serving, servant, servants

Visits With Gabriel --- | or Copy title and place in player below Topical - Musical
1:04:32 M0000227 Cornerstone 231212-P Gabriel, Christ, incarnation, virgin birth, advent, overshadowed, The Church, John the Baptist, The Antichrist, The Beast, Daniel, Luke, second coming, Messiah, seventy weeks

Wake Up And Die Right! --- 1 Corinthians 15:33-34
46:28 / 53:18 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000438Cornerstone 290117-P spiritually alert, sober, holiness, resurrection, glory of God, Word of God, the Holy Bible, awake, stupor, sin, spiritual soberness, spiritually sleepy, spiritual sleepiness, on guard, do not be deceived, awaken, spiritual contagion, manner, manners, good manners, moral, morals, shame, shamefulness, poison, poisons, deception, delusion

Walk Like John --- | or Copy title and place in player below Topical
44:19 M0000203 Cornerstone 290712-A - lean on Christ, understand, trust, depend upon, learn, leaning, understanding, learning, lead, love, labor, take a stand, taking a stand

What About YOUR Resurrection? --- Topical
55:29 M0000309 Cornerstone 200414-P - death, dead, life, living, Everlasting Life, believe, behave, beware, talent, talents, salvation, sin, responsibility

What Is On Your Neck?Topical
46:27 / 56:07 M0000104 Cornerstone 200211-P sin, victory, dedication, remove, obsession, oppression, possession, demon, demons, freedom, liberty, yoke

What To Do With Yourself --- | or Copy title and place in player below. Topical
55:14 / 1:02:20 M0000262 Cornerstone 040813-P - self, self-control, temperance, deny, delight, self-centered, Christ-centered, Christ, selfish, selfishness, judgment, righteous, righteousness

What Will You Do With The Hand Of God? --- Psalm 16:11
42:45 / 49:24 Here is the outline for this message with brief comments. M0000381 Cornerstone 251015-A - bound, bondage, free, freed, liberate, relieve, human, humanity, helpless, helplessness, heritage, heal, healing, healings, healed, bent, bent over, image of God, synagogue, Torah, Law, ruler, sabbath, rest

When Strength Is Weakness --- | or Copy title and place in player below Luke 22:31-32
44:34 M0000212 Cornerstone 230912-A power, might, self-confidence, weakness, weak, strong, strong willed, Simon Peter, Apostle Peter, denies Christ, intercession, intercede, mediator, strengthen, sermon outline, message outline

When The Enemy Strikes | or Copy title and place in player below--- Psalm 5:7-8
45:05 M0000199 Cornerstone 010712-A worship, worshiping, praise, King David, mercy, mercies, Psalm 5, Psalms, thy way straight, enemy, enemies, trials, testings, temptation, temptations, test, trial, tribulation, fear, reverence, spiritual warfare

Why You Need The Baptism In The Holy Spirit --- | or Copy title and place in player below Topical Joel 2:28-29, Luke 24:49, Acts 1:7-8, Romans 8:26, Ephesians 5:18
45:08 / tba M0000278 Cornerstone 131013-P Pentecost, Pentecostal, Spirit, tongues, power, promise, purpose, proclamation, protect, protection, proclaim, prayer, Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Wise Men Follow His Star --- Matthew 2:1-11, 2 Peter 1:19
30:07 / 35:00 Here is the outline for this message with brief comments. M0000388 Cornerstone at Mallard Bay 201215-A - birth of Christ, wise men, Magi, Bethlehem, Christmas, incarnation, prophecy, prophetic, exit, endure, endurance, exceedingly rejoice, enter, expect, star

Wise Ways Of Wise Men --- Matthew 2:2
49:24 / 51:39 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000482 Cornerstone 311217-P look, seek, leave, love, worship, Magi, incarnation, material goods, prestige, prophecy, power, world, worldly, keep, keeper, Daniel, prophesy, Messiah, Christ, Herod, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, proskuneo, deity of Christ

Women Of Faith In Christ --- 2 Timothy 1:5, 3:14-15
40:46 / 44:17 Here is the outline for this message with brief comments. M0000404 Cornerstone 080516-A Mothers Day, faith, Word of God, Holy Bible, discipleship, genuine, sincere, Lois, Eunice, Timothy, genuine faith, dwell, dwelling, dwelling faith, dwelt, dynamic, power, powerful, discipling, disciple, real

Words Of Life From The Not Really Dead --- Topical Ephesians 6:10, Ephesians 6:13, Matthew 5:11-12
1:17:05 / ((56:41)) Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000426Cornerstone 301016-P stand firm, firmly stand, rejoice, endure, persecution, endurance, power of God, take a stand, Reformation, Reformation Day, Leonard Bernkop, Catharine, Anna of Frieburg, drown, drowned, burned at the stake, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, persecutions, praise, worship, praising, worshiping, power, Martyrs Mirror, 2016 General Election, primary, primaries, spirit of delusion

You And The Agape Love Of God --- Topical-John 3:16-18, Jude 20-21, Romans 5:1-5, 2 Thessalonians 3:5, and Deuteronomy 6:5
46:17 / TBA M0000274 Cornerstone 290913-A - love, holy, holiness, save, saved, stay, love of God, constant, equal, directed, Holy Spirit, Holy Ghost, live, walk, be strong

You CAN Choose--Chose Wisely --- Proverbs 9:1-6
47:33 / 52:01 Outline to this message with brief comments. M0000367 Cornerstone 260715-A - choice, homosexual, transgendered, alcoholic, drug addict, wisdom, able, ability, chose, choose, power, science, false science, choice, drunkard, retard, retarded, mentally challenged, mentally disabled, disability

Your Cut In A Kingdom --- Romans 14:17
52:44 / 58:45 Outline for this message with brief comments. M0000416 Cornerstone 070816-P kingdom of God, righteousness, peace, joy, Christ, peacefulness, righteous, joyful, joyfulness, peaceful, conscience, world, blameless joy

Your Personal Passover --- Exodus 12:1-10
32:58 / 38:13 M0000354 Cornerstone at Mallard Bay 150315-A - lamb, blood, Exodus, Egypt, doorpost, doorposts, door, lintel, death angel, death of the firstborn, commit, crucify, cover, consume

Yours To Keep --- Topical
51:32 / 53:52 M0000296 Cornerstone 160314-P - preserve, reserve, guard, obey, preserved, reserved, guarded, obedience, reward, rewarded, responsible, responsibility, watch, protect

Your Value --- Matthew 10:28-33
30:17 / 33:56 and are articles that touch upon this message. M0000362 Cornerstone at Mallard Bay 030515-A - sparrow, sparrows, fall, persecution, eternal, loving, priceless, hairs, numbered, death, resurrection, salvation, redemption, cross, Christ

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